How to Generate More Visitors for Your Fitness Blog?

Helping people achieve the physique of their dreams is one of the noblest pursuits there is. If while doing so you can also do...
26th July 2005 And 25th July 2015: Two Tragedies, Ten Years Apart

26th July 2005 And 25th July 2015: Two Tragedies, Ten Years Apart

Mumbai, July 25: 26th of July 2005, a date well-ingrained in the minds of most Mumbaikars as the fateful day when unprecedented rain brought...
Two greatest human inventions that should never have been: Religion and Politics

2 Greatest Human Inventions That Should Never Have Been: Religion And Politics

If there are any two human inventions to name, that changed the way humans live and see each other, they are religion and politics....

Women Empowerment in Modern India: Opportunities and Challenges

‘Sania Mirza World Number 1 in Women’s Doubles Tennis’ ‘4 women in Delhi and 92 across India raped every day1’ ‘Indian women shine at the Republic...
Begging Girl

5 Things an Average Indian Should Start Doing Immediately

No one is born perfect. No society is immaculate. We all have flaws, but knowing them and correcting them is what makes a society...

The loopholes in Indian Political System

A nation’s development and future of its residents is directly dependent on its government and their policies. Before we proceed further let’s define what...
Traffic Jam

8 Simple Tips to Avoid Road Rages

Very often we’re hearing about an incidence or two when someone is beaten or even killed after a minor accident or even when someone...


A WEIRD CHOICE FOR A TITLE, EH? Going through the rules and all of the sixteen prompts of the contest, I, like countless others, chose what...

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