The Second Before The Leap

The two cops dragged him by his collar shouting out abuses and laughing among themselves. Just another one of these creeps busted like any...
liebster award

My Liebster Blogger Award and Nominations

I’m sure you must wondering what exactly a Liebster award is. Well, it’s nothing but a rotating virtual award that is forwarded by one...

Road Map to curb assault on doctors, a result of ignorance rather than negligence

Many a times the equilibrium of much desired trustworthy relationship between the treating physician and relations of patient is being jeopardized, when a medical...
Two greatest human inventions that should never have been: Religion and Politics

2 Greatest Human Inventions That Should Never Have Been: Religion And Politics

If there are any two human inventions to name, that changed the way humans live and see each other, they are religion and politics....
Corporate Gift ideas

5 Things to keep in mind while gifting to your client

When you run a business, you understand the importance of having good people around you. Whether they are employees or customers or your partners,...

Power Corrupts – A take on increasing assault on doctors

If you can make the God bleed…… then there will be blood in the oceans and the sharks will come - Ivan Antonovich Vanko As offbeat as...

Juggling Your Business Life and Household Chores

It is believed that women are natural-born multitask machines. Yes, often it is expected that ladies should be good, if not great, in almost...
Men not allowed

The plight of a ‘general’ young male

Living in a hostel away from parents is not an easy task. I miss my home, my parents, and the food. After tasting the...

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