Monday, September 25, 2017


A WEIRD CHOICE FOR A TITLE, EH? Going through the rules and all of the sixteen prompts of the contest, I, like countless others, chose what...

When A Man’s Meat Became His Own Poison

‘They looked for me in someone’s fridge, Even before confirming the meat they found was mine, They didn’t hesitate to throw his life off the ridge, They...

Juggling Your Business Life and Household Chores

It is believed that women are natural-born multitask machines. Yes, often it is expected that ladies should be good, if not great, in almost...
liebster award

My Liebster Blogger Award and Nominations

I’m sure you must wondering what exactly a Liebster award is. Well, it’s nothing but a rotating virtual award that is forwarded by one...
Traffic Jam

8 Simple Tips to Avoid Road Rages

Very often we’re hearing about an incidence or two when someone is beaten or even killed after a minor accident or even when someone...
Reena's Story

To Break Free or Stay Dominated in the World of Hypocrites

She knew it was going to be the boldest thing she had ever done, but did she have a choice? Someone can suffer without...
Annapoorna Kiosks and Stemming The Rot in Public Distribution System

Annapoorna Kiosks and Stemming The Rot in Public Distribution System

The other day, I was travelling in the Delhi Metro when I suddenly felt thirsty. Once I got down at the destination station, I...

The loopholes in Indian Political System

A nation’s development and future of its residents is directly dependent on its government and their policies. Before we proceed further let’s define what...

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