The loopholes in Indian Political System

A nation’s development and future of its residents is directly dependent on its government and their policies. Before we proceed further let’s define what...
26th July 2005 And 25th July 2015: Two Tragedies, Ten Years Apart

26th July 2005 And 25th July 2015: Two Tragedies, Ten Years Apart

Mumbai, July 25: 26th of July 2005, a date well-ingrained in the minds of most Mumbaikars as the fateful day when unprecedented rain brought...
Two greatest human inventions that should never have been: Religion and Politics

2 Greatest Human Inventions That Should Never Have Been: Religion And Politics

If there are any two human inventions to name, that changed the way humans live and see each other, they are religion and politics....
Homosexual Protest

Discourse on Sexuality- Beyond the Realms of Medicine

A take on homosexuality in India from the lens of a doctor and a media researcher... Where do we currently stand? June 26, 2015 brought...

Road Map to curb assault on doctors, a result of ignorance rather than negligence

Many a times the equilibrium of much desired trustworthy relationship between the treating physician and relations of patient is being jeopardized, when a medical...

Women empowerment –what needs to be done

So let’s talk about women empowerment in India. Its 21st century guys and we still have to make plans on women empowerment. Empowerment of...

Power Corrupts – A take on increasing assault on doctors

If you can make the God bleed…… then there will be blood in the oceans and the sharks will come - Ivan Antonovich Vanko As offbeat as...
Women Empowerment

Defining Women Empowerment Before Tackling its Obstacles

As seconds turned into minutes, minutes blended into hours, and hours morphed into eras, Indian culture has witnessed an enormous palpable transformation from what...

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