Fishing fitness system

Get in shape with the fishing fitness system

Do you think it is possible to lose weight through fishing? Probably you have never thought of it. Well, trust your guts because it’s...
Sports injury

Getting past some common fitness leg injuries

Your body is one of the best machines ever designed, however, like all machines, it occasionally breaks down. Sometimes, these breakdowns just happen and...
Runner's Lunges

3 Exercises to strengthen your hip flexors

The hip flexors are the number of muscles that allow you to lift the knees towards your upper body and bend forward from the...

How can golfers avoid joint pain

Golf is generally seen as a low impact sport, suitable for individuals of all age groups and abilities. This is borne out by research...

5 outdoor games you should make a part of your routine

Outdoor games are very essential in anyone life. Outdoor games are the tough games which require stamina and physical fitness. Playing regular outdoor games...
Jogging, Running

Why and how physical activity can help you succeed in life and writing career

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear about physical activity? A need to sweat off pounds in...
Telecommuters working from home

Important health reminders for ‘Telecommuters’

As digital solutions make it easier for employees to work remotely, and more and more employees seek a better work-life balance, the wave of...
workout with a kid

How to enjoy a perfect morning workout with a kid

Prior to having a baby, I was the most active individual you know (well, maybe I’m not but you get the point – exaggeration...

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