Running or jogging in morning

15 Reasons Why You Should Be Running Regularly

Whether you’re running on the treadmill or in the park, running comes with a huge list of benefits—health, mental, social and even economical. Here...
Pre-workout and post-workout diet

Diet before, during and after a workout is as important as the exercises themselves

Whether you’re working out to lose weight, you just want to maintain a fit shape, you’re an athlete or sport person, or you’re in...
Fasting and its benefits

Fasting is not just spiritual but also has its health benefits

Fasting for a single day in a week is increasingly becoming a popular method to keep your health in check. Not only fasting helps...

Rope skipping – a marvelous way to lose weight and keep yourself fit

I’m sure you have skipped rope one time or another as a child. While it was a game then, it is also a great...
Fit abdomen, loose jeans

How To Shed That Extra Fat Off Your Tummy

If you’re worried about the ever-growing tyres around your stomach, it’s time you did something about it. Here are some tips to get your...
6 Reasons to Eat Almonds Everyday

6 Reasons to Eat Almonds Everyday

I’m sure you’d have experienced your mother running after you with almonds in her hand. Whether you’re a student, working adult or pregnant lady,...
6 Tips To Get You Prepared For The First Day At Gym

6 Tips To Get You Prepared For The First Day At Gym

If the thought of first day at Gym seems overwhelming to you, read on to know what you must do to prepare yourself. The first...

Start running the right way and keep yourself healthy

If you’re planning to start running to keep yourself healthy, here are some things a beginner should keep in mind. Running is definitely the first...

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