A Smart Traveler Always Has This Accessory Handy

When you are new to the travelling game then things can feel quite overwhelming, especially when you start debating what you will need during your time away...

How to Host a Perfect Dinner Party at Your Home

Nowadays, when people are always in a rush, a dinner party can be a real treat. Nothing is better than having all your friends at one place,...
7 Tips To Celebrate a Nature Friendly Healthy Diwali

7 Tips To Celebrate a Nature Friendly Healthy Diwali

It’s only a few days from the Diwali 2015 and I’m sure you’re already excited about its celebration. Diwali, the word is enough to perk up your...

10 Fascinating Parallels between Greek and Indian Mythology

If you’re a fan of mythology I’m sure you’ve already figured out what this article is about. For millennia humans have followed different cultures and have practiced diverse...

The Universe of Vibrations

Have you noticed that how we feel peaceful as soon as we enter some places? And how we feel repelled by some other places? Like, if there...
So much to learn, So little time

So much to learn, So little time

  One of the phrases I get to hear so often is "getting bored". Either it is "I am getting bored" or it is "Don't you get bored?" Surprisingly,...

9 Reasons why Chocolate a day can also keep a doctor away

Now, there would be too few who would say they like chocolates. Not only is it eaten in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate is widely used...

6 Quick Tips For a Tranquil Mind and Peaceful Life

I walk into the room, she is lying in bed, with severe back injury. She is the main in-charge of a big and important event, about to...

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