6 Tips To Get You Prepared For The First Day At Gym


If the thought of first day at Gym seems overwhelming to you, read on to know what you must do to prepare yourself.

The first day at a gym may not only seem overwhelming, if you’ve no prior knowledge of your body and exercises you may be in for a tough time. However, taking care of a few little things would help make the best of the first day with little to no trouble at all (please note that, come what may, if you had a successful first day at gym you’re surely ending up with stiff muscles at the end of the day).

Following are some tips for a better day one:

Set your goals right: It’s essential to know what your true and realistic goal for the gym is. If you plan to lose 10 kilos in a week, no, that’s not happening. Set something less ambitious and doable.

Choose appropriate clothes: If you’re wearing a tight fit jean to the gym, think again. At a gym you don’t have to look ravishing, you have to be comfortable and appropriately dressed both for the benefit of your fitness and your clothes. How’d you like getting your favorite pair of trousers split wide open right at the butts? Your respect and the trousers are both going to fly out of the window.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself: If you’ve your basics correct and goals appropriate you’d be safe from any sort of injuries. However, going overboard might just prove to be hazardous in both short and long term. Start with lighter exercises, slowly build up your stamina and as your body get accustomed pace up the regime step by step.

Get help of a trainer: As a beginner it is highly recommended to take the help of a trainer. The trainer knows how to train your body without putting you through trouble. He/she can advise you on the kind of exercise you need, how to do those exercises and also for how long. He/she would also introduce you to the equipment and guide you about the appropriate diet.

Plan out an appropriate system: It is a must that you should prepare a good regime to follow, preferably after consulting with a trainer. Mix different kind of exercises, equipment, weights etc. Just focusing on a single kind of exercise would not be of much help. For example, you’d gain inferior and slower results by only doing treadmill.

Do not give up: Gym isn’t magic. It takes time to show results. You need to be consistent, focus on right exercises and appropriate diet plan. However, everything may just seem too overwhelming, and results too little to carry on. But, you shouldn’t give up hopes too soon.