How To Treat An Upset Stomach At Home?


An upset stomach can really be frustrating, especially if you’re required to travel. Unfortunately, we’ve all faced the problem at one time or another and we’re likely to face it again.

An upset is generally a result food poisoning after eating street food. Now, it is not possible to ignore the food entirely, especially knowing that some of it can be so delicious. The symptoms can be stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and dehydration.

So, here are some remedies for you to get through with an upset stomach.

Yoghurt or curd

They can be beneficial in upset stomach. It contains bacteria which is good for gut and helps in fighting the harmful microbes of food poisoning.


LemonLemon contains acid known as citric acid. The acidic properties helps in fighting the harmful bacteria, thus making it a great remedy for treating food poisoning. Lime juice can be taken several times a day for speedy recovery. Lemon can also be taken as lemon tea.

Brown SugarBrown-sugar

Brown sugar is known to provide relief in an upset stomach. Brown sugar delivers quick energy to the body that has been weakened by the food poisoning.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice can be taken in upset stomach. 60 gms of aloe vera juice should be taken three times a day for speedy recovery.

Pomegranate fruit skin


Pomegranate fruit’s rind and also pomegranate tree bark have been used for ages in curing diarrhea.



Mint (pudina) is another wonderful home remedy in curing an upset stomach. It can be taken in form of tea or a paste. Mint can be used in combination with curd for twice effective remedy.



Ginger, also known as adrak, is another thing known for its medicinal properties. It is particularly good in taking care of several digestive problems. Mix few ginger juice drops in a tablespoon of honey. Take it for quick relief from pain and inflammation.


Basil LeavesBasil (tulsi) helps in treating infections of both the throat and stomach. Extract few basil leaves juice and mix them in a tablespoon of honey. The results are quick.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds (jeera)Cumin seeds (jeera) have anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing abdominal tenderness and quickens healing. You may chew the seeds directly, add them to soup, or boil in water and drink after cooling.


Bananas helps in recovery and decrease the harmful effects of food poisoning. Bananas are a good source of potassium. You can take bananas directly, or prepare a banana shake.


applesIt is a well-known saying, ‘an apple a day keeps a doctor away.’ Apples are useful against stomach upset by reducing acid reflux and heartburn. They also have valuable enzymes that can prohibit bacterial growth that causes the upset.

Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal

It absorbs the toxic gases and toxins which are harmful to the stomach.


waterThere is no doubt about the usefulness of water in any kind of body issue. In diarrhea body loses a lot of water through motions. Hence, water needs to be replenished in order for the body to recover. However, avoid drinking water directly, instead mix it with ORS powder or a pinch of salt and tablespoon sugar and drink throughout the day for quick recovery.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegarIt is alkaline, thus it helps in calming the stomach and intestinal lining. Also, it creates a hostile environment for the harmful bacteria to flourish in gut.


  • Abha Singh

    That’s a lovely post there. I already knew about some of those methods, but many were new to me. I will try them in future, though I hope I won’t have to.

    • Thank you, Abha. It’s said that – ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Hopefully, you don’t have the need for those remedies, but knowing them is a must. We never know when we or anyone around us might need one.