Delaying pregnancy beyond 30 years of age can be dangerous


If you’re thinking of waiting for the pregnancy beyond 30 years of age, think again. It is perilous both for woman and child’s health.

In present world woman have become more aware and want to lead an independent life and a successful career. However this also means that they need to maintain a balance between their personal life and career. The end result is that the average age at which women get pregnant is increasing.

Nevertheless, all working woman should know that if the pregnancy is delayed too much, that would involve health risk to her and the child. Also, there is a possible risk that she may never be successful in having a child.

Women are at their maximum reproductive potential in the twenties. As the age advances the risk involved with pregnancy increases. There is deterioration in the creation of eggs with age, getting worse after 38. With increased age there are more chances of other gynecological problems like fibroids, endometriosis. Between the age of 40-44 women finally achieve menopause, i.e. they no longer produce more eggs. All these problems can either lead to infertility or risks in pregnancy.

Besides the gynecological issues, women also have increased risk of suffering from hypertension or diabetes. There can be other hormonal disorders which can affect pregnancy.

Some of the risks involved are as below:

  • First of all, it becomes quite difficult to conceive that indirectly causes personal and psychological issues
  • The incidence of complications increases for both child and the mother during the pregnancy and birth.
  • Greater chances of maternal health issues including hypertension and diabetes that can have complications of their own.
  • The risk of miscarriage increases above the age of 35.
  • The risk of twins and triplets increases which are again associated with risks of their own.
  • The risk of congenital abnormalities like Down’s syndrome.
  • The risk of pre-eclampsia increases.
  • During the labor there can be problems like prolonged labor and assisted surgery, Caesarean section might be required.
  • There is high risk of still birth
  • The risk of maternal mortality is high too.

Thus, it is essential that the couple plan pregnancies before the age of 30 years so avoid late pregnancy related complications. They should also attend pre-pregnancy counseling in order to clear their doubts. Also, regularly get yourself checked for screening any health related problems.