How to survive a sleepover


Although you may dread the thought of hosting your child’s sleepover. It is possible to plan a stress-free sleepover, where you get maximum sleep and the children have minimum dramas, but with all the fun left in. Everyone remembers their first sleepover, an exciting time of never-ending play and chatting, but not only are these fun, they also have many benefits for children;

  • Sleepovers help to boost independenceParents should build up chunks of independence that enable children to manage without them for short stretches of time.
  • Experts agree that whilst children are at a sleepover, they are forced to do things for themselves – whether it’s asking for a drink or figuring out where the bathroom is, this aids personal development.
  • Children are able to strengthen bonds and make new friends – the excitement of a night time spent together makes this bonding more intimate.

If sleepovers feel like an unorganized, chaotic experience, you aren’t going to want to host them, but following these tips will lead to a successful sleepover which is rewarding for both the kids, and for you!

Mattress Online have created this guide to ensure that you can survive a sleepover.

How to survive a sleepover