Breaking Stereotypes with TAG Heuer: Women Wearing Men’s Watches

    I’m a woman. I like my stilettos, I can apply mascara like a boss, and yes, I can put together a neat meal every now and then too. But before you start shooting out matrimonial calls, let me just say, I also like my football and my scotch on the rocks. I’d much prefer a musky men’s perfume to a floral overkill.Tag-Heuer

    The line between what’s ‘feminine’ and what’s ‘masculine’ is a little obscure for me, and really, that’s how it should be. Gender and sex are two very different things that the world has muddled up far too much… Okay, before I digress into an entirely feminist discourse, let me rein it in. My point was merely to set the mood for a little confession, if you will: I’m a woman, and I fall just as easily in love with men’s luxury watches, as the men themselves.

    Not to say that I don’t like or own women’s watches –I do; but I’ve got a thing for men’s TAG Heuer watches and that’s pretty evident in my collection (both real and fictitious… or aspirational, rather). Over the years, I’ve procured them from top TAG Heuer stores, but my best experience easily was at Ethos Watch Boutiques, and I so wish more such stores pop up in the years to come.

    Why do women wear men’s watches?

    Well, the heart wants what the heart wants! And when men’s watches are all big, bold and beautiful, the heart just melts away, doesn’t it? The trend of women wearing men’s watches is neither old, not transient –it’s here to stay.


    Popular female figures across the globe have since times immemorial rocked oversized men’s watches with confident sass. For me, it started with wearing my father’s watch when I was a just a wee thing, when ‘oversized’ wasn’t in comparison to the average watch size or my wrist, but more likely my face –and I loved it! But it’s not just about the size (bigger is not always better); it’s more about the entire make and form of a men’s luxe timepiece.

    A woman in men’s luxury watches can look anything from classy, sophisticated, confident and bold, to sporty, experimental, adventurous and sassy (and also completely ridiculous if she chooses the wrong style and fitting). The style sensibilities and specifications of men’s watches can tend to be more rustic, chunky, larger and carry a different lure that appeal to many women. Let’s suffice it to say that men’s watches are universally appealing.

    On the other hand, the larger quantum of women’s watches generally tend to be petite, delicate, bright, glitzy and ornate. More emphasis is laid on the visual aesthetics as opposed to the inner workings. There are exceptions, of course, like TAG Heuer and other more sports-inspired brands who create more reliable, durable and sporty women’s watches that move away from the traditional feminine trends, and feature cutting edge movements as well. But there’s something so coquettish about a men’s watch on a petite woman’s wrist, wouldn’t you agree? And trust me, women are not all about what’s on the outside, we love us a little peek on the inside of everything, whether it’s a man’s heart, his brain or his watch!

    Why TAG Heuer?


    Among all the luxury watch brands, TAG Heuer is my go-to, for a number of reasons. Take a look and see if they appeal to you too, ladies:

    • TAG Heuer is sporty. The brand just speaks to the sports fanatic in me. And what’s more, ever since they signed on Christiano Ronaldo, and launched that superb limited edition CR7 timepiece, I’ve got to give it to them –they’ve truly outdone themselves. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of girl, TAG Heuer is your guy.
    • TAG Heuer has great designs and This is actually true for both its men and women’s watches–which is unfortunately a concern among many watchmakers who like to keep their women’s watches beautiful on the outside, and leave the insides basic. With TAG Heuer, you can trust top-line mechanical movements in both their lines. The only main distinction comes in the design sensibilities, which brings me to my next point…
    • Heuer’s range of designs is sure to get you ticking. TAG Heuer’s men’s collection ranges from casual and subdued to classical and modern. While women’s watches can be a tad too fussy, men’s styles are generally no-nonsense. If you like your watches to match functionality, form and fashion, look no further.
    • TAG Heuer resonates a modernistic charm that’s just in keeping with them feminist feels –creating a new world order of universally appealing timepieces that blur the lines between what’s traditionally masculine and feminine. Modern in every way, from technology to design, the brand puts the yin in the yang, effortlessly –creating watches that balance both men’s and women’s preferences and emerge victoriously unisex.

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    So ladies, when you choose a TAG Heuer, you’re choosing a watchmaker who knows what both men and women like. You’re not just making a style statement –you’re breaking the mold.

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