Advantages of DOFF and TORC Steam Cleaning for Exterior Building Surfaces

    Graffiti can be very awkward to get rid of. If you’re responsible for the cleanliness of building exteriors, you may have tried several cleaning methods with varying degrees of success. But have you tried DOFF or TORC steam cleaning?

    Dakota Murphey has teamed up with property maintenance professionals MC Property Maintenance, to give you the advantages of DOFF and TORC steam cleaning. Gentle yet effective, these two systems make short work of a wide variety of exterior building surface cleaning jobs including:

    • Cleaning and restoring masonry, brickwork and concrete
    • Removing oil and water based paint and graffiti
    • Cleaning all types of stone surfaces including marble
    • Removing light calcium stains and calcium build-up
    • Removing wax coatings and bitumen
    • Removing and killing moss, algae and fungi
    • Cleaning all types of metal including aluminium
    • Removing fire damage residue and soot stains
    • Cleaning roofs and bird faeces
    • Cleaning all types of commercial cladding

    DOFF Cleaning

    DOFF is a low-impact jet-spray cleaning system that’s steam based. It can remove most unwanted pollutants from stone, brick, concrete, glass, copper, tiles, and most metal surfaces, including aluminium, brass and bronze.

    This steam-cleaning method, heated to temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle end, is the answer to removing paint, grease, oil, moss, algae, bitumen, graffiti and all sorts of other carbon deposits, without damaging the underlying surface of the brick or stone wall. The system uses a combination of heat and low impact pressure to remove the toughest biological and manufactured substances gently, quickly and safely.

    Temperatures in the DOFF system surpass any alternative steam-cleaning system, and can be adjusted depending on how difficult it is to remove the substance. The super-heated steamed water removes almost any substance or growth in an instant. This includes algae, moss (which it kills), and many other unsightly organisms. The hot steam also destroys any growth spores, which means you don’t need to apply chemical treatments to stop or retard re-growth.

    The great thing about cleaning stone and brickwork with super-heated steam is that it allows the surface to dry quickly. And, as we mentioned, the system avoids high-pressure jetting, where droplets are forced and driven into a porous surface which can freeze in the harsh UK winters and cause spalling of brickwork or stone in later years. In addition, the low-impact DOFF system gently removes paint and other substances from historic render, brickwork and natural stone.

    If you’re having problems with a build-up of any other kind of biological matter, the super-heated DOFF steam-water system is capable of instantly detaching these substances from walls, and at the same time killing them.

    The cleaning process is one of the most highly efficient, yet gentle, chemical free systems, causing no damage to the substrate surface. Apart from it being the perfect cleaning method, it’s also environmentally friendly.

    TORC Cleaning

    The TORC system has a specialised nozzle design with a swirling vortex. In some cases, it can be even more efficient than the DOFF system; it uses less water because of the swirling process. TORC is used to remove carbon sulphation. If left untouched, this type of deposit can be very damaging to the underlying brick or stone surface, leaving it unable to ‘breathe’, and spalling normally occurs.

    TORC cleaning can also be used to remove old oil-based paints, lime- and cement-based paints, paint residue, lime scale and bitumen. It’s a gentle but deep stone-cleaning method that ensures the substrate is left perfectly intact through the use of small amounts of water, finely granulated through a low pressure jet spray.

    The nozzle of the TORC system can be changed to suit different cleaning jobs. If a large wall, for instance, requires a cement-based paint removal job, a larger nozzle can be used. And, of course, the gentle administration of the TORC system ensures that the underlying brickwork or stone is left as it was.

    The TORC steam system is used for gentle historical building cleaning, tricky restoration projects, sandstone, bath stone and York stone. It’s one of the safest methods for cleaning all types of masonry and ensures that the base substrate is left fully intact.

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