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    no smoking

    “I Want To Quit Smoking, But Don’t Know How?” Here’s Your Answer

    Quitting smoking can be a difficult task, especially for those who have been smoking for years. Not only is the psychological dependence needed to...
    Fasting and its benefits

    Fasting is not just spiritual but also has its health benefits

    Fasting for a single day in a week is increasingly becoming a popular method to keep your health in check. Not only fasting helps...
    Heart Attack

    How to identify warning signs of a heart attack

    Heart diseases are the leading cause of death globally with claiming over 17.3 million lives each year. Heart attack remains one of the common...
    Late Night Habits Which Are Stopping You From Having A Good Sleep

    Bad late night habits which are stopping you from having a good sleep

    In our hectic lives when there is little time to devote to ourselves, sleep becomes very important. Sleep helps our body restore and repair...
    Workout at gym

    6 Tips to get you prepared for the first day at gym

    Thinking about joining a gym? Well, the first day at gym might seem daunting, particularly to those who have no prior experience of working...
    Jogging, Running

    Start running the right way to keep yourself healthy

    If you’re planning to start running in order to keep yourself healthy and fit, here are a few things you must keep in mind...

    9 Yoga asana that are helpful in diabetes

    Yoga is gaining popularity all over the world as it has been found useful in various widespread medical conditions including obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Diabetes...

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