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    Cancer: Myth, Mystery or Monster

    Cancer: Myth, Mystery or Monster?

    Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases which took its toll in later part of 20th century. Although the historical account of various...
    Fasting and its benefits

    Fasting is not just spiritual but also has its health benefits

    Fasting for a single day in a week is increasingly becoming a popular method to keep your health in check. Not only fasting helps...
    Upset Stomach

    23 excellent home remedies to treat an upset stomach

    Upset stomach, also called as indigestion in common tongue, badhazmi (बदहजमी) in Hindi, or dyspepsia by the doctors, can be a frustrating problem. It’s...
    Few Home Remedies For Common Health Issues

    Few Quick Home Remedies For Common Health Issues

    Did you know that every time you have a minor health trouble, you need not rush to the doctor for help? You can deal...
    Jogging, Running

    Start running the right way to keep yourself healthy

    If you’re planning to start running in order to keep yourself healthy and fit, here are a few things you must keep in mind...
    Scars - Types, Causes and Treatment

    What are the types of scars and how can they be treated

    Who doesn’t want to look fit and beautiful? What happens if a scar ruins that flawless skin for you? A scar is one of those...
    Drinking Water

    Did you know these important benefits of drinking water?

    It’s no secret that water constitutes an enormous amount of everything that is around us. In fact, 60% of an adult human body is...
    Gym Fitness Workout

    Learn how to keep yourself safe from infections at the gym

    Infections at the gym or a park isn't too uncommon. In fact, these two are the most probable places to contract infections from other...

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