Saturday, March 28, 2020
old man playing chess

Onset of cognitive health decline

Aging impacts both the physical and mental well-being of adults in multiple ways. One of the noticeable signs is the onset of cognitive health...
Senior rehabilitation with physiotherapist

Osteoporosis – An ailment associated with ageing

Osteoporosis is a medical condition wherein the bones become very fragile and brittle making them prone to injuries and fractures. That is because there...
Senior rehabilitation with physiotherapist

Benefits of physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy is one of the approaches adopted to treat a host of medical conditions including neurological conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunctions, cardiopulmonary problems, sports-related injuries and...
Old woman on wheelchair and her nursing assistance

Nursing assistance in the activities of daily living

Age not only depletes the vitality of individuals but also diminishes their ability to perform even simple day-to-day activities. These routine activities that can...
Tips for Seniors

Relationship Between the Caretakers and the Elderly

The exponential rise in the elderly population globally has bestowed a new dimension to the task of caretakers. The caretaker may be a family...
Controlling blood pressure

Health checks that you should go through if you’re a senior

As you age, the need to visit your doctor for regular checkups also increases. You would notice that you have slowed down and that...
Alzheimer's Patient Care

Ways to Enhance the Brain Health of Elderly

With age, the body's faculties decline and so does its cognitive function. Mental decline or Senility is a feature which is characteristic of old...
Old couple walking in park

5 Secrets Behind Japan’s Longevity

There is no secret sorcery or a hidden recipe behind the longevity of Japan citizens. Unlike the rest of the world, the lifestyle of...

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