What Are the Ten Safety Measures in Supervised Detox?

    When someone is going through the recovery process and undertaking a supervised detox there clearly has to be safety and supervision protocols to observe. As you would expect, a facility such as Pathways Recovery Center has some stringent safety measures that are followed at all times.

     Here is a look at the key safety measures used when someone is going through a supervised detox. All of these protocols and measures are there to help ensure that patients are able to detox in a safe environment.

    Access to medications is closely supervised

    One of the most important safety measures used is preventing unauthorized access to sedatives, and narcotics, for example.

    Items entering the facility are monitored

    Every recovery facility is likely to have stringent security protocols in place so that any contraband is not able to enter the building without detection.

    Supervised visitation rules

    An important part of the recovery process is to allow family members to visit and provide their support. However, the frequency and duration of the visits are often strictly regulated so that every patient gets the right balance of support and rest.

    It is also important that visitors are made aware of the need to avoid bringing personal belongings. Any distractions could impair the detox experience.

    Ongoing staff training is vital

    A facility will rely heavily on its staff to keep patients safe and calm during the detox process.

    There will be obvious challenges to overcome such as potentially violent outbursts. All good treatment centers will have staff that are professionally trained in how to de-escalate threats of violence.

    Provide a suitable environment at all times

    Another important safety measure is the provision of a comfortable visitation and recovery area within the treatment center.

    The reason that a comforting visitation area is so vital is that it enhances the detox experience by providing a welcome distraction from the recovery environment.

    Provide a designated quiet space

    Many patients often benefit from being able to access a room where noise and distractions are minimal.

    Promoting an environment that is therapeutically beneficial for patient care and treatment is a good safety measure to have in place.

    Consistent support

    It is often considered to be a good safety measure to provide a level of consistency to each patient by allocating a designated person or persons who will be with them throughout the treatment process.

    Adhere to a non-smoking policy

    Many treatment centers observe a strict no-smoking policy. This has to be observed and enforced for the safety of everyone in the building.

    A clean and tidy environment

    A policy needs to be in place that observes health and safety protocols. Keeping areas clean and free of debris will reduce the prospect of a trip or fall.

    Security measures

     Security and safety is always of paramount importance. Every facility should have strict security measures in place and use staff to observe that patient security is as high as possible at all times.

    When these important safety measures are observed in a supervised detox setting it enhances the patient experience as well as helps to make the recovery process as safe as possible.

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