9 Safest Traveling Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

    Why can’t women travel alone and become an explorer? Well, we can; we just need to pick the right traveling destination. We have compiled a list of 9 destinations that are rated quite high on the safety index, and you can plan your next solo trip to any one of these destinations (However, you cannot remain too cautious while traveling alone; so be at it!)


    Iceland is the most peaceful country in the whole world and it has held this tag since ever! Good medical care, a low crime rate, and a high standard of living are some reasons why solo female travelers feel absolutely comfortable visiting the country. You can visit the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and see the unique natural phenomena called the Northern Lights on Aurora Belt (The reason why this place is called “The Land of Fire & Ice”).


    Singapore is all about glitz, glamor, and shopping! If you wish to spend some solo holiday time in a cosmopolitan city, that is easy to navigate, then Singapore can be your choice of destination. There are many things this country offers; visit Sentosa Island for an eventful day. Visit Marina Bay Sands and enjoy the rooftop view from CÉ LA VI (do not forget the iconic infinity pool there!). While you are there, do not miss out on the flea markets that are omnipresent in Singapore; there are many reasons to travel, and shopping from flea markets will have to be one of them!


    There is something called as World Happiness Report and Canada has always made it to the top ten in this list. This means that the people of Canada are happy souls, which means that there are very fewer chances of violence and crime in this country. In short, Canada is quite a safe country for solo women travelers. Banff, Quebec City, Vancouver, etc. are some cities that you should visit on your trip. In Canada you will be blanketed with vast wilderness and snowy, towering mountains; an experience of a lifetime.


    Japan has been ranked as the 10th most livable place on this earth, which also makes it a favorable place for solo female travelers. There are other travel-related fears & issues that we face, but personal security should not be one of them. Some of the reasons for visiting this country are ubiquitous Japanese temples, Japanese Onsen, Mount Fuji, Kyoto City, etc. But, if you are a seafood lover, then this one reason is enough to visit Japan (the country is also known as a seafood paradise!). 


    The capital city of Austria, Vienna, has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world (as of 2022). Women here claim that they do not fear walking down the dark alleys alone, even at midnight. The country is known for majestic River Danube, Belvedere Palace in Vienna, vast alpine vistas, crystal clear lakes, and beautiful architecture.                                                                           


    If you are a nature lover and a lover of solo travelers (and are on a spree to achieve the state of Zen!), then you can plan your visit to Bhutan. On a trip to Bhutan, you will come across monasteries (there are thousands of these!), snow-clad mountains, and ubiquitous greenery. There is a sense of peace in this place and you will breathe it too when you are in Bhutan (Bhutan is the only country with a negative carbon footprint, and you will know why!).


    Switzerland is one of the safest countries, not only for females but for the whole of humanity in general. This country is by far the most beautiful and the most liveable place in the world. If you are traveling as a solo traveler, you can pick any corner of Switzerland, and it will be worth your time & money. A train ride on scenic routes, mount Alps, beautiful lakes, snow-clad peaks, greenery, cleanliness, etc. Everything about Switzerland is captivating; a must-visit country, at least once in your lifetime. You will need a 2-week travel package, to cover the whole of Switzerland. You don’t have to worry about the budget, you can take this trip and yet save your money.


    Norway has a low crime rate and women in general feel very safe, commuting within city limits, even at night. You want to visit this country for its arctic-inspired architecture, mountains, rivers, forts, and museums. In fact, this whole country is beautiful; you just have to look around! If you want to explore the whole of the country, then you need to check out the island of Svalbard, the grand glaciers, and see the Northern Lights.


    Slovenia is a small, cozy place; a perfect destination for solo female travelers who want to unwind and spend some me time. You want to visit this country for its vast forest belt, healthy retreats, thousands of caves, and magnificent lakes amidst the backdrop of the Alps. The architecture of the place will also amaze you (a city built on top of thousands of caves underneath!). People say that this is a hidden gem of central Europe and deserves to be discovered!

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