6 Most common travel-related fears and issues

    Traveling is indeed fun and solo traveling? All the more exciting. But with such immense pleasure, comes the jitters, doubts, and fears! Fret not, listed below are the most common fears and problems faced by a traveler and how to cope up with them and be prepared.

    1. Filthy Accommodation

    So the resort of your desires doesn’t meet the pictures online. You reach to discover; smudge-covered rugs, a dirt-covered toilet, to three cockroaches creeping too close to your lumpy mattress. Yuck.

     Traveling for hours trying to find sub-par lodging is among the most resolvable travel issues, and at that moment, it seems like the whole trip is ruined. However, clearly understanding your rights as a customer before you proceed will encourage the best outcome. When you have booked with a travel agent, they will be responsible for solving the question so you can call them immediately. Please note, if it’s a reputed hotel or rental vacation home that drives you crazy, they provide help in locating a new venue and a reimbursement. What if it’s an (unfair) hotel or an inn? Alright, you could also politely attempt to claim your right as a client: should they want to swerve your query, notify them that a negative social networking rating will go a long way these days

    2. Catching Flu and Getting Sick

    Falling sick miles from the compassion of your nearest and dearest in a place where access to medical care services can be restricted or inaccessible may be terrifying and isolating. If you don’t have the conversational fluency to describe your problems to health workers, occasionally being sick overseas may be life-threatening.

    Always carry first aid supplies that are also packed with any extra medicine you plan to use so that you can protect yourself whenever necessary. Anti-diarrhea pills, non-bacterial hand-wash, sedatives, and rehydration salts are also essential. So if you need to head to an international clinic, seek to locate an informant that can help you decipher some sort of documents and drugs before you agree. When in question, consult with the insurance agent what is protected and what you should carry.

    3. Feeling Lonely and Alienated

    It’s natural to feel lost and overwhelmed on the trip, particularly if you’re traveling alone, but it’s a travel challenge that can make you feel daunting at times and making you rethink all your plans. If it’s international rituals that prove too difficult, you’re disappointed that you’re unable to find other passengers, or it’s just tougher to get in contact with people than you planned, feeling alone or homely may transform a trip of a lifetime into a complete nightmare.

    Bite the bullet to go out there and get in touch with others if you choose to feel less lonely. While it may sound intimidating at first, knowing a little of the foreign language and presenting yourself to the bunch of strangers at the pub is the best way to establish a strong social bond with others. You’ve got to put the initiative through–even though it involves getting vulnerable or getting out of your ability. Much of the time, people would be open if they can tell that you’re really attempting.

    4. Language Barriers

    Not being understood in international environments tends to be more of a challenge than you thought. In reality, it makes you feel a little isolated and disappointed.

    It’s still not too late to brush up on your language ability; taking only a really simple attempt would get you welcomed by locals and get your journey even more fun in the process. Install a language application to learn anytime, study in a nearby language school for a few hours a day, and take every chance to indulge yourself in your foreign community, no matter how big or small. Failing to invest in an old-school reference book or compact dictionary to turn out in emergency circumstances is also useful.

    5. Lost Valuables

    Oh no! You believed that you had your mobile / visa/camera at the last train station or hotel. And suddenly you don’t. 

    Preparing for potential losses is smart; create copies of your passport before you travel, keep the address and contact information of your foreign ambassador in your phone or wallet in case of an emergency, and always save your money. When you’ve misplaced valuable products, insurance will be your greatest buddy in cases like these, given the scheme doesn’t come with high costs, and you’ve saved all the missing item receipts, of course.

    6. Delayed Flights

    Nobody wants to be stuck in an airport because of a canceled flight or a missed connection, and it may be one of the costliest (not to forget soul-destroying) travel challenges to put correctly.

    Make sure to stay in touch with your airline before and the day of your flight. Track the status of your flight online and even though the airline application (if possible) so that you are always informed of any updates to your travel plans. This is also important to reduce the possibility of canceled flights by being informed on the form of ticket you purchase; non-stop airlines do not leave you scrambling for transfers and flights with early arrivals, thus preventing the consequences of certainly missed flights. So should you find yourself stuck, get access to all the free Wi-Fi locations at airports around the world beforehand! Or you can track how much spare time you are left with and book RapidShuttle 247 and go to some entertaining locations around. This can rescue you from misery. Happy journey!

    Paulo PP
    Paulo PP
    Paulo PP is a marketing manager at Rapid Shuttle 247, in California – an industry leading in professional, courteous, affordable and private transportation services.

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