Friday, January 24, 2020
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5 Promising facts for the tourism sector to invest in an app

Travelling is the food for soul for most of us, helping us to unwind from the daily stress bubble. Every year millions of people around...
construction site

How to avoid injuries at the construction sites

The health and safety hazards in the construction industry are more than in any other industry. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)...
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A Digital Helping Hand: 5 Pieces of Software Every Pharmacy Should Have

Managing a modern pharmacy is never easy, but there are tools that can make it more so. Pharmacies that are well-equipped with appropriate software...
Life insurance

Term insurance: Is it worth buying?

When we plan our investments, a big question comes to our mind. Where to invest and how to invest. The usual answer that experts...
Health insurance

Why you should consider health coverage, and what options do you have?

The search for affordable healthcare becomes tricky when one encounters the plethora of options available. It is difficult to calculate the differences in coverage due...

10 situations in which a Family Health Insurance Plan can save

Not everyone can afford the high escalating cost of medical treatment for different illnesses. Most of us are not even prepared for the high...

The magic of financial text archiving – A guide for wealth managers to level-up...

Due to compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s text archiving requirements, many wealth managers who capture and...
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Sweepstakes With A Bonus Entry Contest Will Get More Instagrammers To A Fashion Site

Using the Instagram platform is ideally the best approach that a business can follow to increase site traffic, and according to research fashion sites...

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