food rich in calcium

Why preventing or treating osteoporosis with calcium and vitamin D is important?

Against the common notion osteoporosis is no longer a disease of the old age. Just a few days ago, I was talking to a...
doctor with x-ray of spine and patient

3 Common surgical procedures to give new life to joints and nervous system

Increased rate of accidents and falls among people can lead to an increased rate of damaged bones, joints, and the spine. Bones and joints...
back pain

5 ways to treat back pain at home

Back pain is a part of life for many of us. However, there are ways of dealing with it at home. Look up the...
Knee Joint Pain

Achy joints? Your diet could be the problem

Your early onset arthritis may be hastened along by the wrong food in your daily diet – we explain how you can stave off...
Back pain

5 Health hacks for preventing and managing back pain

Back pain, which affects people of all ages across the world, is a kind of condition that reduces your mobility and keeps you from...

Top 10 tips to keep your spine happy and healthy

You would not have forgotten the most common advice of your mum regarding your posture- don’t slouch! This advice becomes useful when you experience...

Things you can do with your neck and back injuries

It’s hard to live life normally if you have neck and back injuries. You have to consistently be wary of your injury every time...
Ankle Fracture

Best exercises while recovering from an ankle fracture

As one of the most used and most important joints in your body, your ankles play a critical role in your mobility and activity...

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