3 Common surgical procedures to give new life to joints and nervous system

    Increased rate of accidents and falls among people can lead to an increased rate of damaged bones, joints, and the spine. Bones and joints have the capability to withstand the whole weight of the body, but the minor impact on weak bones can create a major injury. Damage to the bones, joints or the spine, requires essential surgery. These surgeries help to regenerate the damaged parts of the body. Three Best Rated® had the honor of interviewing three award-winning surgeons to learn about the three most common surgical procedures that give new life to damaged bones, joints, and the spine.

    ACL Reconstruction

    ACL Reconstruction, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, is performed in the knee joint to replace the torn anterior cruciate ligament with a surgical tissue graft (a semitendinosus tendon). “The knee joint has 4 major ligaments and 2 menisci. Among this, the anterior cruciate ligament injury is the most common ligament injury of the knee,” Dr. Prathmesh explains.

    This ACL ligament can be injured through a common sports injury, such as a high-velocity RTA or, less commonly, low-velocity twisting. “In India, many two-wheeler accidents lead to ACL injuries,” DR. Prathmesh says, “A torn ACL makes the knee unstable and prone to injuries.” Physicians suggest addressing the ACL injury within 3 months, or it may result in further damage to the knee. Instability, locking, difficulty using stairs (specifically downstairs), are the most common symptoms for ACL ligament injury. When chronic ACL injuries are left untreated for a long time it will lead to medial meniscal tears, whereas acute ACL injuries cause lateral meniscal injuries.

    Once ACL reconstruction is done successfully, the chance of further injuries is reduced and makes the knee more stable and long-lasting. Astonishingly, most of the athletes are back to their sports shortly after surgery. In India, many desk-bound persons can also suffer from ACL injuries. “Lack of aerobic exercise and training may also lead to joint injuries,” Dr. Prathmesh states. For a physically unfit person, it is essential to do some aerobic exercises and practice safe sport-techniques to prevent injuries. If not, it may lead to weak quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

    Dr. Prathmesh Jain has been recognized for his excellence as one of the three best Orthopedic Surgeons in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for 2019 by Three Best Rated®.

    Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement

    Total Knee Replacement, or Knee Arthroplasty, is performed to replace the damaged or worn surfaces of the knee with a prosthesis to relieve pain and increase mobility, allowing the patient to do everyday activities normally! Traditionally, a long vertical incision is used to view and access the joint for a knee replacement. However, minimally invasive total knee replacement takes a different approach. “The surgeon uses a shorter incision to expose the joints. It is a different and less-invasive technique with the goal of reducing postoperative pain and speeding recovery,” Dr. Rajat states.

    Minimally invasive total knee replacement is not suitable for patients who are overweight, have already undergone any other knee surgeries, have significant knee deformities, or have health problems that may slow the healing process. They may have a higher risk from this surgery. The physician will conduct a thorough evaluation and consider several factors in determining the suitability of the procedure with the person. A patient with a thinner and healthier body, as well as motivation to participate in the rehabilitation process, may be more suited for this type of surgery. “Minimally invasive knee replacement is one of the evolving areas and more research is needed on the long-term function and durability of the implants,” Dr. Rajat says. This surgery has many benefits including less damage to soft tissues, quicker healing, less pain, and a faster recovery. A patient should always talk to their doctor before undergoing this procedure.

    Dr. Rajat Jangir was named one of the top three Orthopedic Surgeon in Jaipur, Rajasthan for 2019 by Three Best Rated®.

    Microendoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Surgery

    Lumber Discectomy is performed to remove a portion of a degenerative disc (herniated disk) in the lower back that can disturb or press the nearby nerve. This stress on nerves will create pain, weakness, and numbness in the back, legs, and arms. Complete rest, physical therapy, and pain medication are common ways to deal with a herniated disk. However, for some, surgery may come as one of the best options. Whenever the patient experiences trouble standing, walking or difficulty doing everyday activities, the physician may recommend Lumbar Discectomy surgery as an option.

    Discectomy is performed in two ways: Open Discectomy and Microdiscectomy. In the most common one, open discectomy, a small posterior incision is made in the back or neck, and the degenerative disc portion is removed. In the modern Microdiscectomy, a thin tube is used to remove the disc through a smaller hole in the back. This thin tube has a microscope for visualization and better illumination, high-speed driller, Leksell Rongeurs, and more. After the surgery, Dr. Pramod Giri recommends avoiding lifting heavy objects, twisting or bending of the back, as well as driving, consuming alcohol, and smoking. Physical therapy and walking frequently will help to speed up the recovery. “Saving human life is important but preventing the plight of neurological diseases is the aim,” Dr. Pramod says.

    Dr. Pramod Giri has been recognized for his excellence as one of the three best Neurosurgeons in Nagpur, Maharashtra for 2019 by Three Best Rated®.

    Olivia Wagner
    Olivia Wagner
    Olivia Wagner is the Director of Communications with Three Best Rated. She has created many articles regarding different health conditions and award-winning Indian doctors of various field of interest by interviewing them. All those doctors were recognized as one of the top 3 surgeons by our company Three Best Rated.

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