12 Simple Exercises to Keep your Body Fit and Healthy

    Whether you seek to gain killer muscles, lose weight or just tone up your body, exercising is a must do. When done correctly and regularly, it will surely make you smile anytime you look at the mirror. Here you will learn the best simple, yet important exercises to keep your body fit and healthy.


    Brisk WalkingWalking is probably the easiest exercise that there is. For starters, you should walk around 20 minutes a day and improve to 40 as you advance. It helps the legs and hips to stay trim as well as add up strength.



    This doubles up as both exercise and a form of recreation hence is many people’s favorite. To optimize results, master different styles of swimming so as to exercise different muscles and muscle groups of your body. Experts recommend that you swim daily; if you are not able to find time due to work, ensure that you swim for long hours during the weekend.


    It is a very efficient exercise to burn calories as it uses many muscle groups of the body- it is actually rated among the top 3. It involves an up and down motion that resembles getting up from a chair and sitting back again. In fact, you can start off by placing a little chair such that when you go down, you sit on it but for greater harvest, do them without.


    This involves taking a big step forward such that your knee forms a near-90-degree angle. (For efficient results, keep your spine as upright as possible). The other leg should stand on toes as the knee gets close to the floor. Assume the normal posture and repeat the act with the other leg. Keep alternating the legs until you are too tired to continue.


    Plank Workout

    This exercise tightens the core muscles of the body, such as the arms and abdominal muscles. Use your arms to raise off the floor as your body assumes a total straight position. Hold the position until you can hold it no more (1 minute for starters is alright).

    Hip Extensions

    This form of workout will stretch and strengthen your hips while giving more flexibility. It also improves your balance. As you stand straight, holding a dumbbell in each hand, extend the right leg to the back and support it on toes. Lean to the front by your hips as you lift the leg behind you. Assume a T-position with your hands and hold it for a while. Get back to the normal posture and repeat the motion using the other leg as support.

    Push Ups

    Workout Push Up

    This is a perfect relatively easy way to lose fat and strengthen your hands, chest, shoulders and abdomen. For beginners, it is easier to do pushups with the hands widely spread, but as you get used to it, bring them closer together.

    Lunges and Back Row

    This exercise strengthens your shoulders, arms, legs and the back. It also enhances the hip flexibility and can be very effective when combined with hip extensions. It involves basically doing lunges while holding dumbbells in your arms.

    Jack Knife

    Lie on your back and stretch out arms above your head as you tighten your abdominal muscles. Lift your legs and arms as you try to make them touch above your body. Lower them again and repeat the motion until you feel tired.



    Yoga combines meditation and physical strength to bring harmony between your body and spirit. Different forms of yoga will work out different muscle groups of the body. You can either do yoga at home or at your local gym together with a group of friends for optimal results.

    Jump Squats

    Jumping Girl, Exercising, WorkoutWhile you do the normal squats, release yourself and make an enthusiastic jump. As you land, make another squat immediately. Repeat the movement until tired. This exercise will benefit essentially all the muscle groups.

    Cardiovascular Workouts


    Remember that you have to exercise your heart and blood vessels so as to keep fit. The exercises involved here are aimed at making your heart beat faster. They involve cycling, jogging and aerobics.

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    Remember that to carry out the above 12 exercises in an attempt to keep fit, you need to be healthy enough-eat well. In addition, before indulgence, seek professional advice from doctors. To obtain satisfactory results, combine regular exercising with healthy dieting and you shall lead a long and smooth lifestyle.

    Disclaimer: The information provided and opinion expressed in this article belongs to the author of this article. Before making use of any of the given info, you’re advised to consult your doctor or medical expert. Zigverve cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any unfavorable results.

    Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell is the co-founder and editor of CaloriesFit. With over four years of blogging experience in the niche of health and beauty, he is a true believer of traditional and natural home remedies.

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