Write for us – Guest Post Guidelines and Terms

    It’s no secret that a website works well only as long as it has useful and updated content. Each day the authors and editor team at ‘Zigverve’ works hard to bring its readers valuable and informative posts. If you’ve something (information, news, or tips) which you believe might add value to our content, we’d like to extend our offer to write for us as a Guest Author (or, join our team of writers on a regular basis).

    You may send your article, along with a brief author bio and relevant media links to us through email: [email protected]

    Why Should You Write For Us?

    1. Share Knowledge and Experience

    Now, this might sound a little altruistic cause but all in all that’s what Zigverve is about. Our prime motif is to spread the little knowledge that we have and to make this world a better place in whichever way we can help. If you can change lives with a little task of sharing knowledge what could be a better thing to do?

    2. Building Yourself a Reputation

    If you’re an expert in your field, you’d want to get before the audience who can possibly turn into clients. The exposure can also help you improve upon your reputation and authority.

    I do not need to tell you that your article would be read by a vast number of readers. If people find it helpful, it would surely create a buzz on various social platforms. The resulting exposure would help you improve your reputation and authority, besides spreading your words and wisdom among the crowd.

    3. Improve Your Social Presence

    You’re probably already aware that each article is accompanied by an author bio. You can get a link to your own website or blog along with links to your social profiles like Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Facebook etc. Please note that the link in author bio can only be to your own website, and would be nofollowed. Links to an article you’ve written, affiliate links, products links would be rejected. If you want any other kind of link, please contact us for sponsored post.

    Write for us - Guest Post Guidelines and Terms 1

    Instructions for Guest posts

    1. Relevance of article

    Your article must be written with a particular niche and subject in mind. Also, you must keep in mind that the subject you choose should fit into one or more categories present at ‘Zigverve’. The categories we’re accepting at this moment are:

    Health: – Abdomen, Addiction, Ayurveda, Brain (Neurology), Cancer & Tumors, Chest (Lungs & Respiratory Diseases and Heart Diseases), Children Health (Paediatrics), Dental and Oral Health, Ear, Nose & Throat, Eye Health, General Health, Diabetes, Fever, Hypertension, Geriatric Care, Infections, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Orthopaedics, Skin & Hair, Women Health, Alternative Medicine

    Fitness – Nutrition, Yoga, Workout

    Beauty – Hair Care, Lip Care, Skin Care, Makeup

    Fashion – Shopping, Ethnic Wear, Casual Wear, Wedding Wear, Accessories, Footwear, Fragrances, Jewels

    Lifestyle: – Foods & Drinks, Home (Home Décor, Gardening, Home Maintenance, Homemaking), Living & Spirituality, Self-Improvement, Family & Parenting, Relationships, Travel

    2. Media

    Though it’s not necessary, it’s preferable to include images in your posts, which are relevant to the article. The images can either be clicked by you, purchased from a stock images platform (shutterstock, dreamstime), or taken from a free public domain stock images platform (like pixabay, pexels). If purchased, don’t forget to send the snapshot from the download history of the platform to confirm the purchase. We’ll never post an image which you don’t own or don’t have rights to use.

    3. References

    It’s always great to include authoritative references to your article. Not only does the references help with SEO, but also let you develop a trust and authority before readers, who knows that your information is accurate and scientifically validified.

    You must understand what qualifies as a valid reference. Scientific journals, articles or research papers by experts in their respective field (or niche), well-researched articles by a recognised establishment including hospitals and institutions are valid references. Linking to a random blog (or your own blog) which is not researched adequately is not a reference.

    You must include a numbered reference list at the end of the article, and NOT as hyperlinks in the article. You must superscript [or put in square brackets] the corresponding reference numbers inside the article over (or, after) the referenced text.

    3. External links

    You’re allowed to add a link (nofollowed) to your own website/blog (only homepage of a non-commercial website) in author bio. You may also add 2-3 links to your social profiles. You cannot add promotional links within the article. For promotion of your website or products contact us for sponsored posts.

    However, if your link doesn’t satisfy above criteria you can add one nofollow link in the article instead.

    Please note that we don’t add links to gambling, casino, cryptocurrency, torrent, porn, pharmacy, hacking or any website with illegal activities.

    4. Keywords

    It’s a good practice to entrench the article with relevant keywords, but after recent changes in Google’s guidelines about the keywords use, you may want to use them only as necessary. Use the keywords smartly; no overuse, no under-use.

    Please do not use keywords that contain name of a place (or, anything unnatural) like: “dental implant in chicago” “fitness expert in Sydney” etc. Such keywords appear unnatural and gives an impression that the article is written solely for promoting a paid client. After all the knowledge in the article is globally applicable and so is Zigverve. A person residing in Japan, wouldn’t go to Chicago for a dental implant after reading your article, would he? An article containing such unnecessary keywords or irrelevant keyword stuffing would be rejected immediately.

    5. Original content/No Plagiarism

    The entire content should be original. You may not copy from other sources. Also, you may not submit a post which you’ve used on another blog/website, even if you own it.

    Please note that once you’ve submitted the article to us, you cannot publish it elsewhere. By agreeing to post on Zigverve, you’re transferring all rights of the content to Zigverve and we can use the content in whatever manner we want including affiliate links, advertisement, promotion, content syndication etc.

    6. Instructions for Infographics

    If you want to post a infographic on Zigverve you must understand that we’ll not embed an infographic from external source. So, don’t send us embed codes or external infographic sources. You  can send the infographic as an attachment in email, along with an introduction text of minimum 300 words. You may also send an author bio, in which you can add a nofollow link to the homepage of your website as a credit against the infographic. You cannot add any external links in the introductory text.

    7. Author Bio

    Make sure you’ve provided an author bio while submitting your article for the first time. That will save us both some time and efforts as we’ll not have to ask you to send a bio, and you’ll not have to wait while your article is delayed in the pile because of unnecessary delay because of bio. Repeat authors don’t need to resend their bio each time, however. Make sure the bio is no longer than 3 lines and 50 words. You may add up to three social links, and a link to homepage of your own website or blog. Affiliate links, promotional links or native advertising links are not allowed. The bio needs to be in a third person format, and should introduce the author and not his/her website or a client’s website.

    If you want to add a client’s link, contact us for advertisement.

    8. Publishing Time

    Please note that it may take anywhere from one day to a week for the review process and publication. To increase the speed of the process, you must read the guidelines carefully and get everything proper before sending the article to us. The more time it takes to resolve the conflicts, more time it will take to publish.

    Also, DO NOT send constant reminders or queries asking when you post will be published. The more reminders you send, the more time it will take to get your post published. We read our emails from bottom first (presumably arrived first). As soon as you send a reminder or query, the email moves up and hence would be delayed.

    Minimum requirement for approval

    1. The guest post should be a minimum of 750 words, and the subject should be relevant to at least one category on ‘Zigverve’ as elaborated earlier.
    2. Only well-structured and well-written articles would be accepted. The language should be easy to understand. Proofread/edit the article before submitting to us.
    3. If your guest post has only one purpose, to promote a product or service, and contain nothing of value for the readers, we’ll not accept it. Alternately, you may contact us for sponsored post or advertisements. The decision of admins to accept or refuse would be final.
    4. You cannot add any external links in the guest post. Refer to previous points about link in bio and reference links.
    5. Don’t forget to submit a brief author bio with your post. Also, add a photograph (or, an avatar of your choice) by going to and signing up with your email address. The avatar from Gravatar would automatically be fetched in your author bio and comments. If author bio is not supplied, the article would be posted as ‘The Zigverve Team’.
    6. It is essential that once your post is published on ‘Zigverve’ you must share it on various social platforms to attract traffic to your post. Facebook, google plus, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, stumbleupon are some of the social platforms you may use. Also, you might want to tell your friends and associates about your article through mouth, phone or email. The better traffic your article receives, the more chances you’d have to get featured on front page, and quick approval in your next post.

    Even though we love sharing more and more content on our website, if your article doesn’t meet the minimal requirements we will not publish it as it is. We’ll recommend changes if we think that the guest post has a potential and you may resubmit it after the changes. However, the decision of the admins would be final.

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