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Learn the basics of common medical conditions, what causes them, how to diagnose them and how you can treat them both at home and at hospitals.

food rich in calcium

Why preventing or treating osteoporosis with calcium and vitamin D is important?

Against the common notion osteoporosis is no longer a disease of the old age. Just a few days ago, I was talking to a...
caregiver taking care of disabled elderly woman

How does home care reduces rehospitalization

As an integrated component and continuum of healthcare, home care ensures that patients who are discharged from the hospital due to acute disease, injury...
Curious girl with glass of milk looking at mom

5 Benefits of knowing your family medical history

If you’ve been to the doctor’s office recently, you’ve probably filled out a medical history form asking if you or anyone in your family...

Proven ways to meet demand for tomorrow’s healthcare: Modern technology

Modern technology is considered a driving force for all sectors, and healthcare is not an exceptional one. Many innovations have been developed in recent...
relationship crisis in bed

Difficulties when trying to conceive: Determining where the problem lies

Starting a new family is exciting, but it can also be stressful. This is especially true for couples who have difficulty conceiving a child....
Female with malnutrition and hypoproteinemia

Hypoproteinemia: Definition, causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention

 Symptoms | Causes | Treatment | Prevention Hypoproteinemia is a health condition where a person has very little blood levels of protein. Proteins are the bricks...
Cyst on the back of the neck

Your complete guide to cysts and how to deal with them

Having skin cysts can be painful and unattractive. Acne cysts can take the form of large and painful blemishes and bumps. It is a...
Stressed male

Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Since the year 1999, medical testosterone has been experiencing an upsurge in popularity especially for adult men and teenagers entering their adulthood. As it...

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