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11 Herbal ingredients to whiten your teeth naturally

Who doesn’t want to have a dazzling white smile? Making an effort towards this is a big part of our routine. Sadly, the occurrence...

Is it safe to sedate kids for dental surgery?

Dental treatment is necessary to treat kids with dental pain or infection regardless of the age of the child. Dental problems and tooth decay...
dentist examining boy at clinic

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Kid Wants to Avoid Visiting the Dentist

In an ideal situation, a child will glide through every dental appointment without any cavities, anxiety, or fear. Unfortunately, this isn't what happens for...
Dental check-up in clinic

This is What Dentists Want Patients to Know About Their Practice

When you go to the dentist, you might think your visit is a one-way street. You show up and it’s our job to help...
Dental treatment

How Micro Technology is Changing Modern Dental Healthcare

Modern dental healthcare is believed to have roots in prehistoric era, where asphalt tooth fillings and rubber dentures delivered ear to ear smile, later...
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9 Most frequent dental implant questions asked by patients

Teeth are one of the most underrated elements in our body. We hardly care for them enough until one or a few of them...
orthodontist checking girls dental braces

Top 6 benefits of using dental braces

Sometimes patients are hesitant when it comes to seeking orthodontic treatment. In the past, terms like “train tracks” and “metal mouth” were commonly used...
Sugar and tooth cavity

Does sugar cause teeth cavities?

The harmful effects of sugar happen to be something that everyone is aware of. Right from our childhood days we have heard how having...

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