Think dentures are as good as implants?

    Heard the buzz about oral implants? Unless you have been living under a rock, it is likely that you have!

    As they grow in popularity in the world of dentistry, many patients are questioning how they differ from good old fashioned dentures. Yes, they are fitted in place, but surely with the right dental glue, a set of dentures would be just as good.

    There are many advantages of both implants and dentures as restorative options, however, as dental technology advances, it seems that when you are looking for a solution to fix those gaps, there are more benefits to choosing oral implants.

    Of course, before you rush out to book your dental implants, it is worth noting that not everyone is suited to implants; if you lost your teeth a while ago, have recurring gum disease or have a weak jaw, your chosen dental team may suggest dentures or another prosthesis as a suitable alternative.

    But, what are the advantages of having dental implants over traditional dentures? Read on to find out!

    dental implant


    It is a common setting in comedy- a person has lost their dentures, sits on them and breaks them. While funny on television, it is not funny in real life!

    Although they are built to be strong, in comparison to dentures, oral implants are more durable and can bite into much tougher or harder foods without issue.

    Also, as they are fitted to your jaw, there is no worry about losing them or them falling out of your mouth and becoming damaged. Perfect.

    Higher long term success rate

    When assessing the success rate of dental implants, studies have explored longevity, damage sustained and comfort to the person wearing them.

    In comparison to dentures, implants have a much higher success rate, as wearers report significantly less issues with implants than they do with dentures.

    Easy cleaning

    Remember visiting your grandparents house and seeing their dentures floating in a glass of water?

    While it is assumed that this is how you clean dentures, it is actually a way to prevent dirt and dust attaching to them overnight. To keep dentures clean requires a specialist brush, paste and polish which can be a bit time consuming and costly at the best of time.

    Implants however, require a basic toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash which when compared to dentures, costs nothing at all!


    Of course, many people worry that oral implants will be uncomfortable.

    However, once they have been fitted, there will be no discomfort and over time, dentures can become poorly fitted, causing rubbing and sores to form against the gum line. Not fun!


    It is always depicted on adverts for dental adhesive; a person wearing dentures biting into a hard, green apple.

    However, dentures are rarely this strong and can cause you to avoid certain foods. With oral implants, you will be able to bite into apples, raw vegetables and whatever else you want to take a chunk out of! Brilliant!


    All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.



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