Saturday, March 28, 2020
Girl Jogging and drinking health drink from sipper

Essentials and tips for running enthusiasts

Running is the most important form of physical exercise that enables you to achieve your fitness goals. It is an easily accessible cardio exercise...
psychologist supporting female patient

The silent symptoms of obesity and why you should address them

Obesity is an emerging health problem in India. Millions of people are affected by obesity and the crisis is anticipated to worsen in the...
arms workout with dumbell

Recommended exercises to help balance hormones

When it comes to our overall health one part is always overlooked: our hormones. Maintaining balanced hormones is an essential part of staying healthy....
Healthy foods for Immunity boosting

Does nutritious food help in building a strong immune system?

Our ability to interact with the world constantly depends a lot on our immune system. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and various invaders are tackled by...
Running on treadmill

Treadmill training to lose weight

When you gain weight, the focus is on how to eliminate those extra pounds. It is at this moment when the decision is made...
Young woman in blue sweatshirt running in the city

Top 10 FitnessApps for a healthier you 2020

As we enter the New Year, people make a lot of New Year resolutions. Do you know health and fitness remains one of the...
Womans feet on the scales tied with measuring tape

Changing Your Perspective: 8 Workout Motivation Tips for Women

Although both sexes struggle with weight issues, men tend to lose weight with much less effort than women. Hormones and other health aspects can...
green diet

5 Healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks

The benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet are undeniable. But every now and then, you can’t help but crave...

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