Tips to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

    Let’s face it, the pressures of 21st century are intense; you have to find a way to make a living, while adhering to the rules and with the current pandemic, this simply adds to the stress. Just because you live in a concrete jungle, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some nature, which does bring balance to your life. Here are a few tips to promote good health & well-being with an active lifestyle.

    Physical exercise

    If you work in an office, you need to be disciplined over daily workouts; one in the morning and again in the evening, 15 minutes per session using suitable weights and exercise routines. Check out the many YouTube fitness videos for routine inspiration; take up jogging or cycling if your work is non-manual, as this will give all your major muscle groups a workout.

    Balanced diet

    You should consume fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis; search online for a local organic farm and order via their website and they will deliver to your door. If you find an instant powder drinks factory that sells direct, you can order a few different flavours; just add cold water and you have all the nutrition of freshly squeezed fruit. Whether you prefer orange or lychee juice, the supplier has many flavours and you can order a selection.

    Enjoy your downtime

    Whatever your profession, you need to have a passion in your life; it might be model aircraft, making wooden furniture or fishing. If you can spend a few hours over the weekend immersed in your hobby, life seems worth it and you can handle the hard times, knowing you will soon have time for what you love. Some people suffer from painful feet when they are in their forties, click here for more information.


    This far eastern discipline helps millions of people deal with the pressures of modern urban life. The great thing about meditation is you can do it anywhere; all you need is a little space and some peace and quiet. Yoga is one way that you can experience meditation; there are some YouTube ‘how to’ yoga videos that you can follow. Invest in a yoga mat and an outfit and you can join the many thousands of people that enjoy this unique discipline.

    Everything in moderation

    If you abide by this rule, you should have a healthy lifestyle; too much of anything isn’t good for you. Yes, you can enjoy the odd sweet treat and limit your number of alcohol units per week and try to cut sugar out of your diet.

    Don’t worry – be happy

    As the song goes, don’t worry, be happy and you would be surprised at how much healthier you will be when you learn to eliminate worry. Stress can kill without the person ever realising that their worrying is affecting their health and you should do whatever it takes to eliminate this negative emotion from your life.

    There are a lot of government resources about good health & well-being and we hope the above tips can be used to improve your lifestyle.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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