Important Inclusions in you Wedding Invitations

    Every part of your wedding planning, right down to the tiniest details, should be tailored to your preferences. Our wedding invitation designs will suit your needs whether you have a specific wedding theme or simply a color scheme. The best part about wedding invitations is that they give you the opportunity to be creative and stand out from the crowd.

    Wedding Invitation Must Include:

    Wedding invitations that are ready to ship often weigh less than an ounce and comprise 2-4 separate cards. The wedding invitation is the main card in the envelope that informs your guests about your wedding’s who, what, when, and where. 

    Supplementary resources such as response cards, reception cards, directions, and other information are also available. These cards provide vital information to recipients.

    The Template/Design Of Wedding Invitations As Well As Important Information

    Wedding invitations always include the couple’s names, the wedding date and time, as well as the location of the ceremony and celebration. The wedding motif is carried over to these cards as well. Consider how your visitors will react when they receive rustic-styled invitations or a tropical trip invitation bundle. Do your playing cards tell the story you want them to tell? You may also include other important details like the dress code or the location of your gift registry.

    RSVP And Response Card For A Wedding

    One of the most crucial components of a wedding invitation is response cards. A tangible response card is required unless a couple chooses to use an online RSVP system. Once mailed back, an RSVP or response card certifies whether or not the guest has arrived.

    Welcome Card For Guests 

    Reception cards include all of the details concerning the wedding reception that you want your guests to be aware of. The following are some details to include:

    • Time and date
    • Reception style (cocktail, formal, dinner, etc)
    • Location
    • Directions and/or a map are available.
    • The dress code is:
    • If it comes as no surprise, the theme is

    Directions/Lodgings Card 

    Directions are especially vital for weddings in remote or difficult-to-reach venues. If your venue is located off an unmarked road, please be sure to mention it in the directions. This information should be included early in your printable wedding invitation to avoid future issues.

    Dinners, parties, brunches, and other details for the weekend that you might wish to include in your wedding invites are:

    Weekend Plans: Are you arranging a unique bridal bingo game before your wedding? A separate envelope card normally contains information on when and where the wedding party activities will take place. These itineraries can be basic and elegant overviews with further information sent via email. They can also hold all of the relevant data.

    Details about the Rehearsal Dinner: Have you arranged a special rehearsal dinner? The time and location for invited visitors can be included on a card within the invitation.

    Wedding Website or Registry: Let your guests know if there is a specific detail you want to spotlight, such as your wedding website or registry. By including this information in your invitation, it will be difficult to overlook and will be easy to recall.

    Wax Seal, Belly Band, or Customized Stamp

    Everything is held together by a belly band. It’s the string or band that goes around all of the cards to give them a neat, finished appearance. If this is something you’d like for your invitations, materials should cost around $0.20 per invite. Additionally, if this significantly increases the size of your envelopes, you may be required to pay additional postage.

    Wax seals are also more expensive to ship since they require specific processing. Expect a more expensive postal delivery if you prefer the look of a personalized wax seal.

    Finally, personalized stamps are a terrific way to add a personal touch without breaking the bank. A stamp with your and your fiance’s last names is a nice touch to any card.

    In The End!

    All of the standard cards and pieces of information should be included in destination wedding invitations. They should, however, include more information about the location, directions, lodging, flight information, and other destination-related details.

    Additionally, destination wedding invites should be issued earlier than standard wedding invitations. By sending your invitations sooner, your guests will have more time to arrange flights.

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