7 Coolest Ways to Create Wedding Invitation Video Online

    Wedding Invitations are one of the most exciting and important things about a wedding. It is the introduction to your wedding. The wedding invitation consists of the information for all of your wedding functions and shows your guests a glimpse of what they can expect at the wedding. Earlier, wedding invitations were just limited to a printed card, but now there are many exciting ways to create one.

    You can try out something new by making a video invitation for your wedding. You can easily use an online invitation maker to create some of the most exciting invitations. The best thing about making a wedding video invitation online is that you can make the required changes anytime and curate the invitation exactly as per your liking.

    7 Ideas to Create Wedding Invitation Video Online

    There are several ways to create a unique invite for your wedding. Some of these most excellent ways are listed below:

    Cultural Wedding Invitation

    You can include some wedding customs in your video invitation if you and your family observe them. You can discuss the specifics of a tea party, engagement, wedding, reception, and other events in this video. Make it simple for your guests to understand where and when the wedding celebrations will take place, as well as other significant events. You can also use vivid graphics, images, and colors to help the audience identify the ceremony. You can also add patterns and choose the theme of the video invitation based on your culture and the traditions you follow.

    Stop Motion Video Invitation

    To inform your guests about the details of your wedding, you can use a stop-motion video. Stop motion is an animation technique in which a camera is periodically stopped and started, frame by frame, to give the appearance of movement to inanimate objects and figures. You can use an online invitation maker to stitch all of the frames together and create something exciting. You can showcase different concepts and functions of your wedding by using the slow-motion video technique. Once you understand how to use the slow-motion technique, you can make a breath-taking video invite.

    Monochromatic Wedding Invite

    You may make a monochromatic wedding invitation by picking one color for your invitation. Many shades of one color can make the video invitation appealing and inform your guests about your wedding’s color motif. If you have a color in place for the theme of the wedding, you can use that color in your wedding invitation to highlight the theme of the wedding to the people who will be attending it.

    Also, if you are planning a minimalistic wedding, you can opt for classic black and white. You can never go wrong with classics. You can use a pre-existing template on any online invitation maker to make your invitation thematic. Alternatively, you can also create an invitation from scratch and then alter the colors during the editing.

    Vintage Wedding Invite

    Your video wedding invitation can have an antique or rustic appearance to it. You can create a romantic video amid lush green grass with instrumental music and beautiful visuals. You may also use smooth transitions and complex wording to give your invitation a more refined appearance. Vintage wedding video invites are known for doing great, and you can try one of those templates before finalizing the design. You need a good professional photoshoot to create a great video wedding invite. Good quality photos will bring the focus back to the beautiful scenery that the picture has in the background.

    Seasonal Wedding Invite

    Whether you’re planning a winter or summer wedding, the seasons provide a variety of visual inspiration. If your wedding is in the spring, for example, you can use vivid colors in your film that are inspired by the growing flowers. If you are going with an excellent seasonal theme, you must ensure that the essence of the theme is depicted in the wedding invite. You can also shoot your wedding video at some exotic places that will highlight the theme of your wedding. You can also add text, gifs, etc., to focus on the seasonal elements.

    Hobby-Themed Video Invitation

    You might use a common passion shared by the couple as a subject for your invitation. You can both participate in a sport you enjoy or watch a movie you both enjoy. These options can give guests the impression that the invitation reflects you. For instance, if both partners are Iron Man fans, the wedding invitation can take up a theme where Iron Man is used, and all the essence of the character can be added in a creative form like comic bubbles, common character sketches, etc. These videos are pretty exciting as they use something entirely out of the box.

    Floral Wedding Invites

    You can incorporate a particular flower in your wedding decorations or bouquet, as well as in your video invitation if you like it. For example, you could capture your movie in a sunflower field and add some fun text to it to give additional information. The theme can also revolve around sunflowers, and you can use the different colors of the flower to create visually appealing wedding invitation videos. You can also go neutral and try out all the pastel-colored flowers to create a video wedding invitation.

    Creating a Video Wedding Invitation

    Making a video of your wedding invitation is a unique and innovative concept that adds a personal touch to the invitation. The online invitation creators come with a variety of templates to assist you in creating a video theme of your choice. Here are some basic details to put in your video invitation to make it look complete:

        • Choose attractive wedding fonts for the information you want to deliver in the video invitation — Choosing the proper font for your wedding invitation is crucial. In wedding invites, calligraphy is very popular.

        • Add wedding-themed images — You may use photos to enhance your movie. Additionally, visuals might assist in capturing the attention of the audience. You have complete control over the graphics that appear in your video invitation if you plan to compose the movie yourself. You can also upload images from your phone or camera.

        • Use icons to provide life and joy to your video invitation – You may use various icons to bring life and joy to your video.


    A video wedding invitation can be a game-changer for you. You need to create an engaging video that highlights the bond that you share with your partner. The essence of the beauty of relationships can be highlighted in the video invite.

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