The wedding planning checklist that you’re looking for

    The questions whacked, the ring is ready, eyes full of stars, but then what ? With enormous pieces of stuff left to be done & arrangements to be made, it seems astounding task.

    By breaking a year-long process into separate months, you can make it less staggering.

    The optimal engagement time for leaving good preparation window is 12 to 14 months ahead of marriage.

    Though it’s difficult to from perfect marriage script, we have formulated 12 months checklist for your stress-free journey till D-day.

    Sixteen to nine months ahead

    • Start referring to bridal, fashion, food & lifestyle magazines for ideas.
    • Determine your budget
    • Make guest list
    • Fix venue and dates
    • Look for caterers, bands, photographers.
    • If you feel it right hire a marriage planner

    Prior to eight months

    • Be ascertained of the overall theme
    • Fix the entertainment. choose your favorite acts you want to be performed
    • Buy a dress, you still need to check them out for fittings.
    • Have provision for hotel rooms for out of the city guests
    • You can create a free webpage on, and send venue, programs, accommodations info to relatives

    Seven to six months ahead

    • Pick wedding cards or reserve a calligrapher
    • Make passports ready for honeymoon purpose
    • Schedule the ceremony and ensure you’ve got all the required documents
    • Arrange the electric necessities, extra lights & chairs
    • Plan a transports such as luxury car, cars, buses.
    • Schedule each & every little event.

    Five to four months

    • Book the dinner & lunch venues for each event
    • Appoint a lighting technician
    • Check & revise prepared wedding cards
    • Select a perfect baker for your cake orders
    • Plan the guest list for the shower
    • Buy shoes so that your appropriate gown length can be determined
    • Settle hairstylists, at first, try some to figure out for their quality.
    • Make a playlist of music for each event as per your choice, don’t miss out on to your favorite ones

    Three months left

    • Finalize the flowers & food menu
    • Have testing from caterers
    • Plan the specialty food of your city, for out of town guests
    • Decide on to whom you want for anchoring on reception eve
    • Fix the readings, and who and where they will read in ceremony
    • Buy undergarments
    • Acquire a ring, so that you can have time for engraving
    • Allot schedule to vendors

    Two months ahead

    • Meet photographers to demand specific clicks & go to venues for plan to click particular appealing places
    • Provide your wish-list to band or DJ
    • Forward the invitations
    • Submit the invitation in the newspaper
    • Arrange a bachelor’s party & night outs with friends.

    One month to go

    • Call & inform people who haven’t responded
    • Visit a dressmaker for a final try which can be postponed till last week
    • Change the orders as per the final headcount
    • Deposit final payments as much as you can
    • Reconfirm timings with a hairstylist, makeup man & other vendors
    • Give navigations of a route to transport vehicles if needed
    • Set up the seating arrangements of the family & special guests
    • Get your hair colored & cut if required

    One last week

    • Appoint persons for small tasks such as handling vendor, bringing things for you
    • Make a list of phone numbers & provide it to vendors, to contact in case of a problem
    • Get your dress or decide a person for the task
    • Send the list of moments to be captured to photographer & confirm things
    • Keep checks in place to be given to vendors
    • Shape up your eyebrows
    • Go and get a massage
    • Book an appointment for manicure, pedicure & spa
    • Shoot the final list of guests to caterers & to all venues.
    • Have welcome dishes in place
    • Pack for honeymoon.

    The night before/ on the D-day

    So, it finally has arrived. All your perfect planning is going to give you fruits, now time to relax & enjoy.

    At night

    • Eat healthily
    • Pack personal items
    • Hydrate properly
    • Have sufficed sleep
    • Set bag, suitcase or stuff to be taken to hall/ceremony (you will thank me)


    • Chow down breakfast
    • Drink far more water
    • Take out your fantastic dress and have them ironed if possible
    • Keep stuff in order which you want to be photographed (ring, wedding card)
    • Thanks, everyone surrounding you.

    For people with very less time

    • Though 12-14 months ahead of the wedding is considered as a suitable time period of engagement.some people might get lesser time than that.
    • Try to compress the schedule if it is the case.
    • Say you’ve got six months in hand than wrap up your six to twelve-month prep in the first month only.
    • There you go, you are back on schedule.


    • Ensure that all the bills & rents are paid
    • Get your dress dry cleaned to laundry
    • Print thank you cards
    • Put an awesome wedding snap on your canvas
    • Enjoy the best phase of your life to the fullest.
    Varun is currently working as Digital Marketing specialist with Najis Infotech, a reputed Digital Marketing Company in India. He has a great passion for digital marketing through which he helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them.

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