Top 10 wedding trends to watch for in 2018

    If you are planning to get married this year, 2018, then this is a great idea! Of course, the classic ideas will never go out of fashion, but the recent wedding trends 2018 have introduced some really worthy suggestions to make your marriage, the best celebration of the year.

    These modern ideas are a creation of some of the elite and best wedding Planners and other cities of India. Based on their suggestions, there are so many interesting things that can make your wedding, the trendiest wedding ceremony of the year. From laser-cut fabrics to, dramatic dance floors, unique linens, will all together and a different element to your celebrations.

    You can even notice unexpected uses of flowers such as potted plants arranged everywhere at wedding receptions. Another big change is including as many colors, as possible. The best thing of 2018 wedding trends is that they are ideal for all types of weddings whether it is a traditional fetes or a casual celebration.

    Here’s is a short list of top 10 wedding trends in 2018 that you must consider while planning a wedding this year –

    Customized bars

    The customized living bars are the new hot thing that you might see at weddings, this year. The wedding bars will be covered with fresh foliage and painted surface of woods to deliver a picturesque bar experience to the guests.

    Potted plants

    The inimitable wedding decorators would plan to transform the way to the stage into a stunning garden bed, this year. What’s the best way to decorate the beautiful lawns than using colorful potted plants? You can wrap the pots with attractive silk linens to create a pleasant wedding décor that instantly gets blend with the natural ambiance of the place.

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    Get close to the local culture

    If you are planning a destination wedding in a place which has a different culture, then it is best to adopt their culture. The exotic destination weddings are very much in demand this year, as it allows you to marry your loved ones in a different style. You might like the customs and traditions of a place so you can choose to get married like that in their city by embracing their traditions.

    Top 10 wedding trends to watch for in 2018 3

    Limited guests

    One of the most different things about the weddings in 2018 is that generally people would prefer small gatherings. Yes, only a few close relatives will be invited to the wedding unlike the year 2017.

    Grand receptions

    The more focus shall be laid on the receptions this year. The thought is to plan a great party after the marriage traditions and customs are done, perfectly with close relatives.

    Indoor celebrations

    You might have enjoyed a lot outdoor weddings in 2017 but it is believed that this year the couples would like to book indoor halls or venues for celebration. The banquet halls will be at the top of the list while looking for a perfect wedding venue. For outdoors, people might prefer roof top weddings to enjoy an airy ambiance.

    More colors

    When we discussed the wedding planners and decorators about the floral arrangements at 2018 weddings, it was predicted to be moody and dark. Yes, the 2018 weddings prefer more textured and dark flowers. We have enjoyed the soft and lush flowers with greenery around it in 2017 but this year will use darker shades to make an appearance. It will give a dramatic look to your wedding. You can enjoy popular shades of the purple color which includes lavender, mauve, lilac and wine.


    Talking about the linens at 2018 weddings, you will notice them in neutral and white shades with detailed textures on them. The cream textured tablecloths are very much in trend this year.

    Supreme flooring

    You can enjoy a classic touch in the weddings in 2018 even on the dancing floors. The hottest trend of 2018 is to surprise the guests with stunning marble dance flooring. It would be absolutely perfect to capture candid photos while the dancing guests will be twirling happily on the marble floor.

    Look messy

    The messier look for the brides is the new hot wedding bridal make up trends in 2018. Unlike 2017, the neatly up-dos are out of fashion now and the messier look gives a more charming and trendy look to the brides, this year.

    So, you must plan your wedding carefully; feel free to pick up the above given fresh ideas to add the element of fun and excitement to your wedding.

    Garvit Bijawat
    Garvit Bijawat
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