Why is it important to begin your anti-wrinkle campaign early?

    Wrinkles are folds that appear as our outer skin loses its elasticity. Naturally, our body generates collagen and hyaluronic acid; these are responsible for our skin’s elasticity, chubbiness, and young appearance.

    As we age our skin production drops making our skin appear slimmer, delicate and less flexible.


    Why you should start an anti-wrinkle campaign now

    A woman in her 20’s who hasn’t begun seeing signs of aging might wonder why it’s necessary to start an anti-wrinkle campaign. You might not notice it but our hectic lifestyle has already begun to age us, it’s the earlier you start the better you would be for it.

    Wrinkles are a result of aging and usually become noticeable in your 30’s but the harm can actually be done in your 20’s. It is important you begin a thorough skin care campaign earlier to avoid future damage.

    There is an old maxim that your skin in your 20s is what you were born with, and your skin in your 30s, 40s, and 50s is what you earn. Anti-aging creams can only help you but not for too long, wrinkles are a buildup of inner health issues that better checked by adopting a thorough approach to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

    Anti-wrinkle campaign tips

    Take care of your skin naturally

    Good skin care doesn’t necessarily need any special ingredients; there are lots of treasures in nature to take care of your skin. Extracts of precious rose are renowned for over a century for use on mature skin, they remarkably beneficial red, inflamed skin.

    Extracts of Lavender and Calendula are good for inflammation and healing for the skin, Aloe Vera is good in sustaining skin moisture balance.

    Cleanse healthily

    Stay away from soaps or gel cleansers because they remove the natural oil from your skin, rather use milk or cream cleansers. Toners should also be shunned.

    Moisturize healthily

    Select an antioxidant cream that keeps the skin moist and checks the dehydrating effects of external elements such as heating or air conditioning. Use natural ingredients like Shea butter, shunned butter, and aloe Vera.

    Anti Ageing Cream


    Exfoliation removes layers of dead cells from the skin, but if the agent is too abrasive it will quicken aging by triggering inflammation.

    Incorporate anti-wrinkle food in your diet

    Spinach (vegetable):

    Spinach has an antioxidant that increases skin hydration and firmness.

    Turkey is good for you

    Turkey has “carnosine” that reduces the decline of collagen.

    Red and yellow pepper is good for you

    The antioxidants in red and yellow pepper offer protection from the effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    Olives is good for you

    Consuming more olives reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

    Black Raspberries are good for you

    Black raspberries contain Ellagic acid that guards collagen.

    More tips

    Excess consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar results in high insulin levels, which leads to inflammation in your skin.

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