Aloe Vera the Medicinal Plant with Amazing Remedies

‘Aloe Vera’ is a common plant vividly seen in many Indian houses, but not many know the wonderful medicinal values the plant possesses. The plant holds a rich ancient heritage, where there are many references and images of the plant carved on stones witnesses its importance. The name ‘Aloe’ comes from the Arabic word “aloeh” which means “bitter and crystalline seva”, ‘Vera’ is a latin word which means truth.

The ‘truth’ is that it is called as “the plant of immortality” by ancient Egyptians; the plant is buried as a funerary gift along with the body to ensure good health for the spirit. It is also seen as a hanging plant that wards away evil spirits even today. Keeping all this history aside, we would see some of its magical side on human body.

The awareness of the benefits caused by Aloe vera made many Indian grow it as a divine plant next to Tulsi which is worshipped regularly. The following are the amazing benefits offered by the miracle plant Aloe Vera:

  • A small chunk of Aloe vera consumed daily in the morning on empty stomach keeps indigestion and intestinal problems at bay.
  • Works as a cleanser to inner body as well as to the outer body, specially applied on face smoothens the skin and gives radiant youthful look.
  • Apply on skin burns, wounds for instant heal and relief from irritation and pain.
  • Acts as a boon for female reproductive system
  • Cold, flu, bronchitis herpes, running nose and other respiratory disorders are effectively treated.
  • Control cholesterol and aids in lowering blood sugar levels, diabetics should consume a teaspoon of Aloe vera juice naturally extracted regularly to keep the balanced insulin levels.
  • Stimulates metabolism and maintains a healthy body weight.
  • Helps in maintaining Oral and dental hygiene.
  • Applying its SAP on skin heals skin issues by offering healthy glow.
  • Treats Acne and sunburns and reduces stretch marks.
  • Improves skin firmness.
  • Beneficial for dry skin and heals dry lips and good for foot care
  • Treats hair loss, itchy and inflamed skin.
  • Anti-fungal property alleviates dandruff problem
  • Works as good conditioner and restores hair’s strength and beauty.
  • Perfect for dry and damaged hair
  • Treats Alopecia.

Aloe vera is therefore considered to be a miracle plant gifted by god for good health and beauty. After this read out I’m sure you would run for a Plant to be planted at home. Also aloe vera gel and creams are available in super markets. But, the natural extract of the plant makes all the difference if used regularly.


    • Well, my Maternal Grandmother (nani) had a plant of Aloe vera in their garden. Often, she used to extract its jelly and eat. I’m sure it’d be a similar scenario with most old folks, who were more into herbal treatments at home. Moreover, these days people barely have time to grow such plants.