Being a mother – Who says you can’t do it?

Being a mother of two is not easy no matter how well-behaved your children are, and how well you (believe) are organized. There is always more laundry to do, more stains to wipe, more mouths to feed, more dust to clean…and after a while you cannot fool yourself into thinking you got it under control anymore. I feel like the monkey from the song: ‘Two feet, two hands, you can do it Mr. Monkey Man’. I’m guessing Mr. Monkey never had two small children to take care of. It is virtually impossible to keep everything under control even if you are not a mommy of two, but if you are, there is still something you can do about it.

#1 – Room clock for older kid

Two mouths are hungry most of the time, but you only have two hands to work with, and you could sure use some help. One of the great ways to have at least some weight lifted off your shoulders is to place a large clock in children’s room. Even if your older one cannot tell time, agree that they will stay in their room and play until the hand of the clock reaches 7; after that they can come down for dinner. This will give you more time to prepare your meal, since you will not be looking at both your children at the same time.

#2 – Power naps are your friends

You will be super-exhausted most of the time, taking care of your baby will be your priority, so any moment you can spare should be used for a quick power nap. Get creative – hide toys or even candies all over the older one’s room and tell them they cannot go out until they’ve found them all; this should give you a couple of minutes more, especially if the little one is asleep too. These little respites will leave you in slightly better mood even if they last for a short time, but you will feel better and calmer afterwards.

#3 – Engage them in an activity

Children looove getting dirty, they can’t wait for an opportunity to smear mud all over their clothes and jump in puddles. This is why you could help them get dirty, get creative, and keep calm at the same time. Paint with your fingers, smudge colors all over the paper and use it as art on your walls afterwards.

#4 – Spark interest in nature

Children are so involved in technology that they forget about the world surrounding them. When you go out for a walk, pick up sticks (singing 1, 2, Buckle my shoe along the way), and make stick people out of them. They are very cute and simple and they will show your kids how easy it is to make a toy out of thin air.

#5 – Delegate, delegate, delegate

Yes, for sure you are the person who knows best how to cook, clean, and iron everything, but you have children now and it’s okay to ask for help. Talk o your partner and agree whether or not you need somebody else in the household; it could be one of your parents or a professional. Ask your husband to take care of older child while the younger one needs you more, and use the older child to help you as well. You can wrap the baby tightly in their joey pouch and put them in the stroller which the older one can push around the house while you do the dishes, vacuum, or blow-dry your hair.

#6 – Cocoon to the rescue

When my toddler throws a tantrum, I have difficult time to calm him down. I tried helping him relax by throwing a blanket and making a cocoon or a fort of blankets and bed sheets where he can sit and calm down. I’ve read that sometimes they just need some time to calm down and block outside stimulation.

Mommies are superheroes indeed – they do the most difficult but at the same time the most rewarding job in this world without a single day off or a break or a holiday… their greatest reward is their children’s gentle love, and the fact that they can, one way or another, keep everything under control.