Best Suitable Pacifiers For Your Baby

    Maybe it’s using a pacifier also known as Twitter or Binky to soothe their grind baby. It has its Pros and cons, so on what basis we should choose the powerful pacifier for our baby. A good pacifier is recommended to you by the dentist. It is not only healthy but improves the dental growth of your little one.

    Benefits of using a Pacifier:-

    1. Prevents sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

    It is known to reduce the risk of SIDS. Sucking on a teether keeps a baby’s brain active and ensures that breathing happens normally.

    2. Makes your Flight Journey Comfortable

    Fast stabilizes the year pressure induced by high altitude and prevents your baby from experiencing discomfort. It allows your baby and everybody on board to have a pleasant journey.

    3. Satisfies Your Baby’s urge to Suckle

    Pacifiers help to satisfy the urge of your baby to suckle post they have been weaned off.

    When is it good to buy a Pacifier?

    The right time to buy a dentist-recommended pacifier depends on different occasions like-

    • Since the pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS, therefore, you can use a pacifier after a strong breastfeeding latch.
    • To give your baby the breather from extra milk during your overproduction of milk, you can sip a pacifier to him.
    • The dentist recommended pacifiers strengthen the non-nutritive sucking habit of the baby. Thereby, it is good to give your baby the pacifier when you use the bottle for feeding.

    Things to look for while buying a Pacifier:-

    Specifies come in a variety of sizes and materials. Both made of latex are softer and more flexible than the silicon ones. On the other hand, silicone pacifiers last longer. To get the correct pacifier you need to check and see what works for your baby.

    Avoid buying pacifies that are removable as they may pose a choking hazard for your little one.

    What are the best pacifiers available in the market?

    The best dentist recommended pacifiers available in the market are as follow-

    1. Buy pacifiers made up of Silicon and latex. Latex is a good material for pacifiers because it is as soft as a mother’s nipple and needs frequent replacement, every 6 to 8 weeks. If your family suffers from a latex allergy then you can buy Silicone pacifiers.

    2. One-piece pacifiers are the best dentist-recommended pacifiers because they are the most hygienic. A single-piece pacifier is any day much more hygienic than one with multiple joints and cracks in them. Multiple-piece pacifiers have gaps where the dirt accumulates and cause bacterial health problems.

    A standard one-piece pacifier comes with a nipple and a shield attached to it that is easier to clean and safer to use. If your pacifier lacks this shield, then it is prone to infections.

    3. Pacifiers with attached strings or lanyards should not be purchased because such pacifiers can lead to choking hazards in your little one.

    4. Buy an accurate size pacifier that fits the mouth of your little one well so that they don’t throw it again and again. It would prevent them from various infections. Go for brands that give you a perfect fit.

    What are the leading names of the Pacifier industry?

    Following are the leading names of the pacifier industry that provide healthy pacifiers and are dentist recommended.

    1. Philips Avent Soothie

    It is the most popular pacifier that is used all around the world because it is one piece and is made of silicone, due to which the chances of breakage are negligible.

    Also, it is available in an affordable price range.

    2. Nanobebe Pacifier 

    The nano Bebe pacifier is also made up of silicone and is a perfect fit for small-mouth babies.  It is a flexible one-piece pacifier that provides you with complete comfort.

    3. Dr.Brown’s A Happy Pace

    For Those who are filled with bottles, this pacifier is the best because it gives them a similar feeling as that of a bottle nipple.

    4. Chicco PhysioForma

    It is specifically suggested by the orthodontist and pediatricians to view the baby’s orthodontic points.

    5. Mam’s Air Pacifier 

    It is the most expensive but the cutest pacifier that you can get in the market. It is suitable for babies who have ultra-sensitive skin because it allows extra air to pass through it.

    Not every baby needs a pacifier. Some parents introduce their babies to pacifiers while others don’t. If you decide to give a binky to your baby, keep the above guidelines in mind to ensure comfort and safety at all times.

    Which one would you prefer?

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