10 Signs to Know When It’s Time for Assisted Living

    As one advance in age, we can all agree that they are no longer as active or healthy as they used to be, As a child or grandchild, it is your responsibility to ensure that the elderly family members are well taken care of. But with today’s busy schedules it is difficult to always be there with them. Actually, in some cases, it is not possible to live with them.

    You may get them home-based care but at times this is not enough. You may need to consider assisted living. This is a service that provides elderly people with assistance in carrying out daily activities, nursing their health, and providing personal care. All this is provided while the elderly people live in their housing units. When is it time for assisted living? Here are a few signs that mark this crucial moment.

    1. Inability to Handle Daily Tasks

    If your loved one is unable to handle daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, they need help. If you find out that they are increasingly relying on snacks and finger food, you need to help them get fresh food. Also, if the house seems dirty and unkempt, they need help with daily living, and the best place to get this is an assisted living home.

    2. Worsening Health Conditions

    Declining health needs to be taken care of immediately. Confining your loved one to a hospital is not the only choice you have. You can enroll him or her at an assisted home where there are doctors and nurses taking care of the elderly around the clock. You can find the right Memory Care in Minneapolis or simply search for one in your location. Most assisted home facility has many healthcare givers who are experienced in dealing with various health conditions. Whether it is Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or any other condition, they will help the elder feel better and with good care, the rest of the family can feel at ease.

    3. Difficulties in Taking Medication

    Whether your loved one just does not like medicine or they keep forgetting, they need help. Some people do exactly this in an assisted living community. They will give medication to all members promptly and in the right dosage.

    4. Weight Loss

    Does your grandma seem thinner than she was the last time? She may not be eating well. It may also be a d=sign of an illness. Book a checkup with a physician to determine if it is poor eating habits. If this is the reason, it may be time for assisted living. Here, they are served nutritious meals that are good for their health.

    5. Mobility Issues

    If your loved one is struggling to move around, you need to find s solution. You may renovate the home to suit their needs or get someone to help them move around. The other option is to move to an assisted living community that has rooms built for easy movement and caregivers who are always ready to help.

    6. Hygiene Issues

    Can your elderly family member take good care of their hygiene? Do they take baths and brush their teeth as often as necessary? If the answer to these questions is no, then you need a solution. Enroll them in assisted living and they will get help with hygiene issues. What they cannot do will be done for them.

    7. Problems Getting Around

    Whether a senior family member can walk or not, consider how they get around from one place to the other. Can they drive safely? Can they get public transportation means easily? If this is an issue, assisted living is a great solution. Someone will help get their groceries and drive them to doctor visits when necessary, etc.

    8. Isolation

    Does a senior family member seem isolated? Does he or she no longer like gatherings? They may benefit from living with their agemates in assisted living. They are more likely to enjoy this company. A chance to socialize will help get rid of that isolation and loneliness.

    9. Neglect of Financial Obligations

    While some seniors will pay their bills perfectly, others may get confused and pay the same bill severally or not pay at all. They may also be easily conned by scammers. If you experience such an issue, you need to take care of the financial issues and have the loved one moved to assisted living where they can stay without having to worry about any bills.

    10. The Demise of a Spouse

    Losing a spouse can be hard especially in old age. This person has been the other’s companion for decades and a sudden demise can greatly affect the way of life of the one the left. To help them cope, ask if a change in environment will work. If they respond in the affirmative, consider assisted living.

    Bottom Line

    Deciding to put your senior family member in assisted living is not an easy decision. However, knowing that it is for the best will help in making this wise decision. Look out for the signs above and discuss the issue with the concerned person. Also, talk to other family members about the issue before making the final decision.

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