Must-Have Women’s Accessories For Fall/Winter 2016

The fall and winter seasons are more than just holiday fun and excitement, they’re also the perfect opportunity to show off your wardrobe. While you bust out your favorite sweaters, leggings, and scarves this year, it might be time to add a few new accessories to your clothing collection!

Whether you’re meeting the in-laws for the first time, heading to your holiday work party, or just strolling around the city to take in the holiday lights and decor, you’ll want to look nothing but your best. While you’re getting glammed up to go out, take a look at these must-have women’s accessories for fall/winter 2016!

Pump Heels

Pump Heels

Oh, so sexy and simply classic, the pump heel is an easy way to glam up your favorite outfit this fall and winter! The cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hide your ankles. A pump heel will dress up your winter clothing and add a classy touch to otherwise bulky coats and jackets that normally drown out your attire.

Chunky Platforms

Add a little pep in your step the next time you walk out your door! Platform heels have made quite a comeback, and the chunky wedged look looks great with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. A short chunky heel on an ankle boot can complete your fall look with a simple pair of jeans, oversized sweater, and don’t forget a good cup of coffee! The chunky heel adds a more casual feel to an outfit, while still giving you that dressed up, and high-heeled feel you’re looking for.



This 90s accessory can be found around just about any woman’s neck this fall/winter season.

Simplistic and tight, the choker accentuates the neck and looks great when paired with any low cut or v-neck sweater. There are many great varieties of chokers available, ranging from the classic black string, to metallic charms, and vibrant colors. Toss out your turtlenecks this fall, because you’ll want to show off your neckline with a choker, instead.


Fake or real, whatever your preference, this classic holiday accessory is back and in full swing. A dainty fur purse is a blast from the past, with a vintage feel and elegant touch for any occasion. There’s no better match than cold weather and furry boutique accessories, so why not take advantage of the chilly temperatures and bust out the fur? If you’re not into a fur clutch, then try a fur shawl over a perfect peacoat.

Over-The-Knee Boot

These boots were made for walking! The over-the-knee boot is a 2016 trend you can’t miss out on. These boots keep you warm while still showing off your new kicks. Over-the-knee boots can be worn with a flowy fall dress, or an added layer over leggings or jeans. They’re great for when the weather is still a little warm, or when winter is in full force you can layer up underneath with tights, leggings, and pantyhose for added protection against the cold.


These aren’t your grandma’s knitted mittens; gloves are back and more fashionable than ever before! For a bold look, try over-the-elbow gloves that will also keep you warm. A classic look through many decades, leather gloves add an elegant touch to any winter outfit. They also come in a variety of bold colors. Shorter gloves look great with a touch of fur trim at the edge. This 2016 winter accessory adds a pop of flavor to your everyday coat, and you can look flawless while staying warm and bundled up.



Instead of using scarves to bundle up and shield yourself from the cold, use scarves as your main fashion accessory. Silky, patterned, and even furry scarves are a great way to liven up a simple sweater and jeans ensemble. This winter, lose the chunky, knitted scarves and transform your attire into runway-ready with something more fashionable and bold!

Each year, trends come and go. As the cold weather approaches and the seasons begin to change, so does your wardrobe. It’s time you update your looks with the 2016 fall/winter seasons must-have women’s accessories! These tips and tricks on the latest of 2016 will help you choose the best outfits for your favorite fall and winter activities. With a little bit of mixing and matching, you’ll be able to complete your 2016 fall/winter attire with the perfect accessories.