The top 10 “OR’s” of wedding planning

    Getting overwhelmed when planning your dream day is easily done no matter if your be the most organised individual on the earth. There are so many details and endless possibilities and eachof them have various options even when you’ve made that choice… exhausting.

    Here are the top 10 “OR’s” you might face when planning a wedding:

    Reception entertainment – Band or DJ


    The entertainment during your wedding reception can make or break the day. A bad DJ can end the party before it has begun whereas a great band can make your wedding reception the stuff of legends.

    The age old decision is how to choose. If you know a DJ that’s reliable then great get him booked. If it’s a band you’re after the fun starts when you hit all your local bars and clubs to check out the local talent.

    Tip: choose your own playlist, you’ll still need someone in charge to make sure it all runs smoothly but at least you are responsible for the mood of your guests.

    Wedding party – Big or Small

    When your fiancés, sisters, best friend’s aunty is in your wedding party then you’ve definitely gone too far. Some of us have huge families that all want to be involved in our special day, so this is when it’s up to you to be firm.

    It’s all about even numbers so if your fiancé has 10 brothers you’re going to need 10 of your closest ladies to even the field.

    Tip: don’t be pressured into having everyone join in. If you’d prefer no bridesmaids and just the one maid of honour that’s your choice, heck you could even let the family pet join you at the altar.

    Confetti – Natural or Biodegradable

    heart-leafGone are the days when you could shower your newlyweds with brightly coloured flecks of paper. A major no, no for today’s eco-friendly practises.

    Thankfully there are some wonderful biodegradable options around today. Why not consider making your own from dried flowers, fruit or golden leaves if the season allows it?

    Tip: There are special cutters available that allow you to create stunning showers of butterflies or stars and moons.

    Wedding vows – Write Your Own or “Borrow”




    There are some truly poetic vows out there in the world, some have been off the cuff and some have been embellished from novels, films and even the gospel.

    These words are how you portray your love for one and other so the pressure to have them be remembered as pieces of poetic legend is huge.

    If you have the gift of the gab, then great put pen to paper and let the love flow out. However, if you are stuck there are some amazing sources of inspiration out there, just find something that means something to you.

    Tip: if you both have a favourite film or song, adapt the lyrics or the script to suit yourselves. You ‘ll have fun as well as make your vows personal to each other.

    Transport – Traditional or Show Stopping


    From stretch hummers to horse and carriage, your wedding day is the one occasion when you can truly make an amazing entrance.

    Vintage cars have been the norm for eons, now we enter an age of showmanship. Horse and carriage is one way to take it to the next level, but how about a helicopter or better yet parachute in.

    It might cause havoc on the dress and hair but boy will it make a splash.

    Tip: Test your chosen mode of transport whilst wearing your dress. It might be a lonely journey if you and your dress are all that can fit in the vehicle!

    The Kiss – Polite Peck or Lingering and Passionate

    So the moment comes and you may now kiss the bride. Do you go all out and plant a kiss on your bride to make the assembly blush, or aim for classy and cute with a simple peck.

    Tip: know your audience if you’re going for passion make sure your new father-in -law isn’t going to make you sorry for the choice afterwards.

    Wedding venue – City Centre or Country

    An “or” very much depending on budget and creativity. Do you opt for city centre venues and avoid the difficulties of decorations and facilities, or take your wedding outside and unleash your creativity onto the countryside?

    There are some stunning city centre venues, some seemingly intended to be wedding venues since construction. A great example is a wedding venue in Liverpool 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic’s White Star Grand Hall. Once simple offices, now the ideal in grand city centre wedding venue choices.

    Then you have the outdoor country wedding, held in a field complete with hay bales for seats and pagoda style altar draped in ivy.

    Tip: accommodating the family is always difficult, consider the fact that hotel weddings will incorporate costs of rooms into the overall expenses.

    Seating chart – Clever or Classic

    The unique and wonderful ways in which brides and grooms are seating their guests are nothing short of ingenious.

    There are brides who have used Facebook profile pictures to seat their guests, “Find Your Face to Find Your Place”. Then there are the beautifully rustic flower pots with topiary labels adorned with the names of guests.

    Or you could opt for understated chic, a simple board with table numbers and names penned in stunning scripted calligraphy.

    Tip: Take care with your seating, you don’t want to be putting two arch enemies next to each other or offending Aunt Jenny by seating her by the loo.

    First Dance – Slow Romance or Funky Routine

    We’ve all seen that YouTube sensation of the wedding dance routine that went viral. Lured into a false sense of security that there was going to be a slow two step ahead then boom the couple break out a stylishly choreographed routine fit for a Beyoncé stage performance.

    Now even the simplest of wedding features has been given an “or”.

    Tip: If you do pick a routine practice at the venue, there’s another YouTube performance that was clearly unpractised that left the bride unconscious.

    Centre Pieces – Traditional Flowers or Quirky Modern

    Thanks to the like of Pinterest there is a world of inspiration dedicated to the best and most beautiful centrepieces available. From DIY designs to wonders of horticulture, there is no end to the possibilities.

    We’ve spotted some stunning examples of floral arrangements, huge roses surrounded by delicate sprigs of baby’s breath.

    Then at the opposite end of the spectrum there’s the quirkier variety. Upcycled wire lamp shades domed over fresh fruit displays surrounding single white candles. Simple, stunning and cheap.

    Tip: less is more, if you use centrepieces as the focus on your table keep the rest simple.

    Hoping that this might have helped eliminate all your “OR’s” instead of managing to create more.

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