Tips for Having a More Casual Wedding

    Having a super fancy Disney princess wedding is not the dream of everybody. Nor does every person wish to wear white on their big day and hold a celebration in church. Those things sound just too cliché at times.

    There are people who believe in having a casual wedding because after all, wedding is more about getting two people connected in a bond and creating memories together rather than having a loud grand affair. And the most important thing is to get the day organized in the manner in which the bride and groom wishes it to be as against how the guests supposedly dream the day to be life.

    But, what exactly do you mean by organizing a casual wedding? Are the guests supposed to come wearing their regular attires or will there just be a casual dining arrangement similar to any normal weekend get-together? Well, let’s discuss about some of the quick tips that you can include while planning a casual wedding.

    Give a Miss to Traditional White Dress

    Wearing a fancy gown or a white dress is no compulsion if you don’t want to wear it. And men, you also don’t have to necessarily be in a suit if it makes you uncomfortable.

    You can wear off-white, multi-colored or any other color that makes you feel beautiful. And when it comes to styling, you can wear a dress or go in jeans and top. Just remember – it is your wedding and you should be dress as you want to. There are no fixed rules for it. In fact, you can go for a theme wedding and dress as your favorite super hero for all you want.

    Get Yourself a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

    Most of the brides end up wearing those fancy heels which squeeze their toes, making them feel extremely uncomfortable and tired by the time they walk aisle and have their first and last dances. Trust me ladies, you do not necessarily have to wear dress shoes.

    Save yourself from the pain of walking in heels if that makes your uncomfortable. You can go for sandals or even go bare feet if it is a beach wedding. In fact, if you want to be super casual even a fair of tennis should would go perfectly fine.

    Choose Where You Want to Get Married

    Selecting an affordable venue is one of the best ways to have a budget wedding. You can go for beach or park as your wedding place or simple book a cozy budget restaurant where you can hold a small dinner gathering for your guests. It entirely depends on how you want your special day to be remembered and how much planning you want to do.

    However, casual wedding also demands some basic arrangements to be made – whether it is about creating wedding invitations or making food and drink arrangements for the guests. Just remember! No matter how simple a wedding you wish to have for yourself, your guests would still need to be taken care of. And if you feel that you cannot plan things by yourself, hire a wedding planner and let them handle everything for you while you enjoy the big day.



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