Cerec Crowns: Pros and Cons

    In the last few decades, technology has made a significant impact in several industries, including dentistry. One of those improvements is the invention of Cerec technology. Sirona Dental System launched it in 1983 but it became quite popular only in recent times.

    While there are different ways of treating severe tooth decay, gaps, and discoloration, there are also good reasons to try Eschenbach Dental Cerec crowns. This technology has served many people for several years. But just as with every technique, there will always be benefits and drawbacks.

    Therefore, we will look closely at the pros as well as the cons of Cerec crowns.

    What Are Dental Crowns and Why Do We Need Them?

    Dental crowns are caps that are shaped like teeth. They are placed over the teeth to cover them in order to restore their strength, size, and shape, and enhance their appearance. When the crowns have cemented in the proper position, they completely encase the visible portions of the teeth above and at the gum region.

    Below are the reasons people need dental crowns.

    1. For the purpose of cosmetic modification
    2. To conceal an implant
    3. To cover a set of discolored or distorted teeth
    4. To keep a dental bridge firm
    5. To conceal and serve as an anchor for a tooth that has a deep filling especially when there are a few teeth left
    6. To restore any worn down or broken tooth
    7. To protect any weak tooth from decay, disintegration, or to assist in holding together the fractions of any cracked tooth

    In pediatric cases, dentists could fix crowns on baby (primary) teeth for the following reasons:

    1. To save them when they cannot support filling after severe damage due to decay
    2. To protect children at risk of tooth decay. This is prominent in children who find it difficult to keep up with their daily oral care routine.
    3. To reduce the use of general anesthetics on children who because of their medical history, behavior, or age cannot cooperate with dental care requirements. Pediatric dentists will likely recommend stainless-steel crowns in such a case.

    To learn more about dental crown you may want to visit here.

    Advantages of Cerec Crowns

    cerec dental crown

    Here are the advantages of Cerec:

    1. You Can Get Them in One Day

    The crowns are created from a strong porcelain block. They are made in the dentist’s office with the aid of specialized software. This implies that you can have total tooth restoration in one visit to the dentist. You do not even need to get an inferior restoration or temporary filling while waiting for the final crown delivery. This delivery could take about 2 to 3 weeks.

    If what you need is a dental implant, you will get a temporal fitting while waiting for the complete crafting of the crown. After then, you will return for a crown fitting.

    2. They Appear Natural and Realistic

    Cerec crown fitting involves the use of software for restorations. This implies that there is a high chance of them appearing like natural teeth. However, there could be human error, despite the level of experience of the dentist. But those around you are not going to notice it because the major part will match with your teeth.

    3. They Are Comfortable

    Before you get your final crown, the temporary one is usually uncomfortable because it is made from resin. It is also bulky when you place it on your teeth. Unlike resin, porcelain is more comfortable when you wear it in your mouth.

    Additionally, if you have to adjust the traditional crown, you have to return it to the lab. This further adds to the delay you could face when seeking restoration.

    4. They Have More Aesthetic Appeal

    From the point of aesthetics, no other crown looks and feels amazing on your jaw other than Cerec. Your dentist can help you to choose a color that matches the color of your teeth from the available ceramic blocks. And to make it more authentic, they will paint, polish, and kiln-dry it to make it a perfect match for the existing teeth. The outcome is flawless and will enhance the appearance of your smile.

    You may want to watch this video to see the procedures involved in setting up, imaging, designing, and milling the Cerec crown. This information will help you know what to expect from your dentist.

    Disadvantages of Cerec Crowns

    Here are the disadvantages of Cerec:

    1. They Are Not Very Durable Like Some Conventional Techniques

    Unlike the traditional crown that has a base made of metal and a porcelain lined cap, Cerec is completely porcelain. The lack of metal in its base reduces its durability and the overall strength of the structure.

    2. They Are Not Ideal for Covering Front Teeth

    Cerec crowns are not as detailed as the traditional ones. And this makes them unsuitable for covering your front teeth and other places where the caps will be very visible. Although the dentist’s skill set can take care of this, the lab can make the crown more detailed.

    3. They May Not Suit Every Case

    Cerec might be inappropriate if the tooth breaks beneath your gum line. This is because the scanner will be unable to scan through to capture the image. In that case, the dentist will recommend any other conventional cap.

    4. They Are Expensive

    Cerec utilizes a new technology that puts off the need to use a dental lab that is off-site. However, you should not expect a cutting-edge technique to come cheap. As a result, Cerec crowns are more expensive than other conventional types.

    Final Thoughts

    While Cerec may be a bit more costly than the traditional crowns, you may need to consider the price you are willing to pay for greater comfort, better aesthetics, and a same-day procedure. We have explained the pros and cons of this technique and we hope that you have gained enough information that can help you make better dental decisions.

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