9 Best hospitals for penile torsion surgery

    Penile Torsion – A Brief Overview

    Penile torsion is a common congenital mal-rotation of the penile shaft that affects around 1 out of 80 male infants. While rotation of the penile shaft to the left side is more common than any other deflection, it can also give birth to severe urinary symptoms along with diminished cosmetic appearances.

    Usually, isolated penile torsion occurs in roughly 27% of cases, but the deformity is also found in close association with hypospadias, chordee, and hooded prepuce of the penis as well.

    Despite evidence regarding the prevalence of mal-rotated penile shafts, pediatric urologists have failed to conclude as to what causes the penis to undergo severe torsion. In most cases, the predominant deflection is on the left side, giving birth to the severity and worsening of urinary symptoms.

    Many urology centers opt for degloving techniques for treatment. Usually, parents are unaware of the outcome of the surgery, and whether or not they should opt for one in the first place. They all have common concerns regarding correctional surgery of the penile shaft:

    Will the surgery hinder my child’s sexual prowess in the future?

    Will he be able to father children?

    It is crucial to get penile torsion treated at the initial stage. If left untreated, the penile deformity can have severe effects on a boy’s life and can lead to mental and physical distress. However, it is not easy to find a suitable and trusted place for penile torsion surgery that employee modern means to treat it.

    It is a very pertinent concern, and it is very important to educate the masses about the centers where penile torsion surgery is carried out with successful prognosis rates. Mentioned below are ten such places that can be ideal for diagnosing and correcting any isolated penile torsion or any deformity related to pediatric urology.

    1) Hypospadias Specialty Center

    The Hypospadias Specialty Center is situated adjacent to Medical City Frisco on the Frisco Square Blvd. It aims to rekindle the self-esteem of young male children and alleviate the concerns of their parents. It was founded by Dr. Snodgrass, who is known for introducing the Snodgrass Repair, or, more commonly, TIP Repair for correcting different types of moderate to severe hypospadias.

    The Hypospadias Specialty Center has been tending to both children and adult patients since 2014. The team at the center is experienced in treating hypospadias, epispadias, chordee, and torsion of the penis. The institution is reputed across Dallas and beyond.

    2) Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

    Beaumont Hospital has employed the services of MD and Ph.D. scholars such as Dr. Megan Schober and Dr. Kevin M. Feber, pursuing a residency in pediatric urology. Their website allows you to keep a check on your appointments and choose the best appointment that suits your schedule.

    Apart from educating about penile deformities through blogs, seminars, and educational channels, Beaumont Hospital is highly reputed in conducting successful urological surgeries on young and adult males. It also accepts health insurance to make sure that your child gets the best treatment without any compromise.

    3) Phoenix Children’s Hospital

    Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona is reputed for providing one of the best family-oriented care. It does several procedures, including penile torsion surgery, circumcision, mentoplasty, orchiopexy,and even inguinal hernia repair. People in the South Western States can also consult their trained pediatric surgeons for penile deformities of their children without any fear.

    4) Specialty Care and Surgery Center, Voorhees, Main Campus

    Dr. Mark R. Zaontz, MD,heads the center. He is a reputable authority in performing correctional surgeries of the penis, including those for hypospadias, hydroceles, penile torsions, concealed or micropenis, chordee, and undescended testes.

    Dr. Mark can also be approached at the Division of Urology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he caters to the cases of hydronephrosis and polycystic kidney disease as an attending pediatric urologist.

    5) Avon – Richard E. Jacobs Health Center

    The Avon – Richard E. Jacobs Health Center deals in a variety of clinical specialties of which pediatric urology makes the prime cut. It is a part of the Cleveland Clinic infrastructure that has been serving Ohio’s community with the latest technology and practices.

    Dr. Audrey Rhee, MD., and Dr. Jeffery Donohoe, MD., have gained recognition as topnotch pediatric urologists within Ohio ever since their practice began. From treating complex urological ailments to correcting typical penile deformities, Avon – Richard E. Jacobs Health Center is probably one of the leading institutions of its name. 

    6) Beachwood Family Health and Surgery Center

    Another one from Cleveland Clinic makes the list of reputable surgical centers for penile torsion surgery. Beachwood Family Health and Surgery Center is Cleveland Clinic’s main center of practice, where the department of pediatric urology is under the capable hands of Dr. Hadley Wood, MD.

    Since dealing with urology is a sensitive issue, Dr. Wood engages in a detailed conversation with her patients. For her, it is vital to understand the complexity of a urological condition as per the severity of the patient’s complaints.

    7) Children’s Health

    Located in Dallas, Plano, and Park Cities, Children’s Health is one of its kind in the region that offers maternal-fetal as well as prenatal care for urology conditions.

    From detecting congenital penile malformations to identifying nephrological conditions such as hydronephrosis, Children’s Health prenatal ultrasound can help your child get an improved start to life.

    Most importantly, it specializes in improving your child’s urinary function by taking measures of early intervention and, if required, surgical correction of genital malformations.

    8) Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston

    Apart from specializing in kidney stone removal and management of benign prostatic hyperplasia in males, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center deals in the correction of genital malformations as well.

    Dr. Peter L. Steinberg, MD., who serves in the Department of Urology of the center, holds a considerable reputation in Boston for rectifying penile and scrotal malformations with expertise.

    9) Hillcrest Hospital

    Situated in Mayfield Heights, Hillcrest Hospital has been awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center with a ‘Magnet Hospital’ designation. With over 72 private rooms and an expanded pediatric emergency center, Hillcrest Hospital specializes in providing prompt outpatient services to its urological patients.

    Dr. Jeffery Donohoe, MD. of the Urology department, has vast experience in pediatric urology. He doesn’t only restrict himself to providing possible solutions to any congenital or acquired genital malformation but also comforts the parents of the patients.

    Final word

    A few studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of daily use of Cialis on spermatogenesis. None of them have shown an adverse effect on the sperm morphology and motility.

    The torsion of the penis is usually diagnosed in male infants when they are being considered for circumcision. In cases where congenital penile torsion does not exist, male infants can acquire the deformity after trauma to the penis or following unprofessional circumcision.

    The centers mentioned above are reputed in performing penile torsion surgeries. The information in this blog will release the stress of finding the most suitable place to deal with this delicate issue faced by your loved one.

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