6 Tips for seniors to ease arthritis and joint pain during winter

    Even the weather reporters fail sometimes in predicting the weather conditions but not the people with arthritis. This is because people experience intense arthritis and joint pains in cold conditions, though the relationship between these two is yet to be found.

    One of the plausible theories would be the body expands tissues around the joints in cold conditions. As the joints try to make a move, the expanded tissues unlike in normal conditions deny shrinking as per the movement, causing inflammation, pain and swelling.

    As the winter is just around the corner, arthritis and other joint pains are rolling up their sleeves to take full advantage of the cold weather. The short days and long nights will give no scope for any physical activity. The bed with all its comfort, request you to officially terminate your daily exercise routine. However, it is the simple workouts and exercises that guard you when you face the winter!

    The usual remedy for arthritis is relying on anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. Using these drugs for longer periods can cause various side-effects. This is one of the reasons why people with arthritis turning to natural remedies. Here are few tips with which you could fend off effectively in managing arthritis and joint pains during the winter season.

    Layer Up Yourself

    Layer up in blankets

    Dress up comfortably in layers that keep you warm, especially your feet and fingers as they may get exposed to cold. The layers help you in maintaining body heat and keep the joints warm. The common mistake we do is covering up with a thick blanket to keep up the body heat. However, using multiple blankets which are thin, work as a radiator that maintains the required temperature. Cover yourself up not only while sleeping but whenever the outside weather is too cold or you sense increased pain in your joints.

    Heat mattress pads and blankets will not only keep you cozy and comfortable during winter and cold conditions but keep your joints warm, avoiding stiffness and pains. A heated mattress is always preferable than a blanket as mattresses maintain the heat adequately during the sleep. In addition, the user can set timers for heating mattress just to ensure the bed is cozy and not ‘hot’.

    Boost Up Vitamin D Levels


    Sufficient Vitamin D levels in body ensure seamless muscle movements and it also neutralizes inflammation. Vitamin D levels get reduced during winter as our body requires UV light which is available in sunrays to synthesise Vitamin D. As winter days become shorter the body exposure to sunlight gets reduced making it difficult to get Vitamin D. Try to consume Vitamin D rich foods such as tuna, dairy products, egg yolks and mushrooms to boost up your Vitamin D levels.

    Stay Hydrated

    Drinking Water

    Water eases away the pain. By staying hydrated you will get relief from joint pains. In addition, the cartilages which are present at joints are made up of water and they require more water for better movement.

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    If practiced on a regular basis, physiotherapy sessions can work wonders. There are various home healthcare service providers who provide physiotherapy services at home. Availing physiotherapy regularly relaxes the joints to move freely while giving the person a great relief.

    Exercise Indoors

    Exercising outdoors during winter has many benefits as the body burns more calories in cold. But, it is not advisable for arthritis people with breathing and heart issues. It should not be an excuse for your workout. You could do simple workouts indoors and go for a walk outside when it’s sunny. Keeping the body on its feet is as vital as medication for arthritis during winter. It generates enough movement in the joints, keeping up the tissues and ligaments warm and flexible.

    In addition, using warm water for daily uses and for drinking, adding Omega-3 and fish oil to your diet and following the prescribed medicine and diet by your physician help you to maintain arthritis during the winter.

    Living with arthritis is difficult and cold weather in winter makes it even worse. Follow these natural ways to obliterate the pain levels to some extent.

    Thilak is the in-house content writer of Healthabove60, the Preferred Geriatric Home Healthcare service provider in Chennai. He mostly writes about health and elderly wellbeing.

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