5 Must have eye makeup product

    Every woman wants to look more beautiful and attractive. Nature has made them pretty and cute still women tend to increases the gift of nature by using various make up products. However in experts opinion eyes and lips are the most prominent feature one’s face. If proper make up is applied on them the results are glamorous. There are various products available in the market since years to glorifying oneself. Eyes reflect personality of a person and make heads turn around. Therefore, to make a perfect statement it is very important to know about products that can help you achieve your goal. Black eye pencil, eyeshadow or lash curler is just so basic makeup items everyone knows about. Therefore, down below is a list of eye makeup products and some of their uses to achieve perfect eye look.

    Double-ended Eye liner

    The effect of eyeliner on your face is tremendous; it helps to enhance the eyes. Regular black eyeliner does not only make your eyes looks shaped but also beautifies them in the best manner. But it is time to get your hands on double-ended eye liner. Usually double ended eyeliner has black kohl one side and white eyeliner on the other side. If you have smaller eyes than white eye liner is the best thing you should go for while applying makeup on your eyes. Tight line your lower water line and you can make your eye look wide-open, bright and big with its simple touch.


    Tip: White eyeliner can fulfill purpose of eye-primer and can be use as highlighter in emergency cases.

    Under-eye concealers

    Well the dark circles around our eyes make us look dull and ill. There are numerous reasons behind getting under-eye circles or in other case they are naturally shadowed. Companies are bringing different products to resolve this issue for women. Under-eye concealers are peachy undertone pigmented concealers that are used to cover eye circles. One of the unique characteristic of this product is that due to its peachy under tone it goes good with every skin tone. It is a versatile product that can be used as concealer, primer and corrector as well.

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    Undereye Concealer


    Eyes speak; well said, let your eyes speak about the beauty. One of the ways to do so is to apply mascara on them. Eyelashes add a lot of beauty to your eyes and they are considered as the most appealing characteristic of one’s eye. The fuller, curled, higher and proper the eye lashes are the more attractive you will look. For this reason women from past decades are using mascara and false lashes. However applying false eye lashes are not as easy as apply mascara. But another condition is that not all mascara works same. However, the basic formulas of mascara are same but there brushes and application techniques make them different from each other. Personally my favorite mascara is tubing mascara that provides your lashes full coverage, covers them on 360 degrees and forms tube around your eyelashes to making them appear long, thicker and fuller. In addition to this, if you are lazy and do not want to spend couple of minutes on apply makeup, mascara works as quick fix. Invest few seconds and update your look instantly. So, it is always a best option to have mascara as your must have eye makeup product.

    Eyelash Curler

    Tip: Using a eyelash curler helps you get better effect of mascara.

    Eye shadow

    Who does not like colors? Life without colors seems incomplete. Similarly, a pop of color can make you more prominent and catchy. Different colors are symbol of different statements. Choosing an eyeshadow palette is another difficult task. There is a bid variety of eye shadows available in the market matte, powder eyeshadow, glitter or cream based eyeshadow. But personally I think one must go for a combination palette that contains neutral for every day look, popping colors for going bold and glitter eye shadows for dramatic eye statement.


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    Eye makeup remover

    Usually people do not consider makeup remover as an essential makeup item they come at last in the priority list. However, removing eye makeup can get on nerves when you are dealing with gel liners or waterproof smudge proof mascaras. Removing makeup is an art as if applying makeup is. Therefore, always buy a eye-makeup remover that will not only aid in removing makeup easily but also prevent your eyes from getting eye allergy.

    These were the eye makeup essentials that you should grab on to add in your makeup bag.

    Juliet is a beauty blogger who loves trying out new makeup and beauty products.  She loves coffee and sushi, and in her free time she likes listening to pop music. Juliet believes in having gratitude for everything in life. Read her latest posts at

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