8 Splendid Décor Ideas to Spruce up your Dining room

Talking about home décor, people often focus all their attention in decorating their living room and bedrooms such that they even forget that dining room is also a part of your house. Every area in your house may look stunning but if it isn’t complemented with a great looking dining hall, your home interiors are incomplete. Of course, whenever you’re inviting a guest for dinner, dining hall is the place they’re bound to spend quite some time and notice how much you’ve worked to spruce up your dining room.

Let’s take a look some of the ways by which you can convert your dining room from good to gorgeous.

Décor ideas to groom your dining room

1. The table and the chairs

Dining Table and Chair

What’s a dining room without a dining table? Although, you can always go and purchase a dining set. However, where’s the fun in that? Gone are the days when things were needed to be matched. Sometimes, random or even bizarre makes it more appealing than the norm. So, what we suggest you do is buy a table that appeals you. Throw in different kinds of chairs around it. For example, mix a lavish upholstery with a few traditional dining chairs.

2. Vintage benches

Dining Bench

Another awesome idea for your dining room is to replace chairs on one side with a polished wood bench. You can add a cushion or two with the bench to make your dining comfortable.

3. Combine with sectionals

You can also add a sectional to your dining room to give it an entirely unique air. However, it is recommended to use a low-profile couch with easy to clean fabric.

4. Vibrant runners

Dining Table Runner

The easiest and quickest way to give your dining room a new and elegant look is to change the table runner. Use vibrant colours or patterns for a fresh and appealing décor. It is not only going to accentuate your dining hall, but also help in elevating mood during the dinner

5. Colourful Curtains

Curtains in dining room

Another method to bring colours to your dining hall is by adding curtains either in solid but vibrant colours, or with attractive patterns. It’s not only easy to change the curtains but also pocket-friendly. Moreover, you can buy a few sets of curtains to change the feel of the dining room whenever you want.

6. Opulent Lighting

Of course, there is no replacement for candles during a dinner. However, you won’t be needing them all the time. Sometimes, it’s those fancy lights hanging right above the table or sconces over the wall is all that you need. Sumptuous lighting is especially important in larger dining halls where inadequate lighting may make the dining room appear dull.

7. Innovative space

It’s not necessary to have the dining room inside the prescribed traditional settings only. Use your imagination to place dining area in innovative locations like close to a sun-lit balcony or a screened-in area.

Tip: If you’re the one who loves having the perfect décor, it is always advisable to choose your apartment well. Elegant home décor requires your apartment to have enough space and your developer to be highly innovative in the first place. Thus, always go for high-end developers like Lodha group.

8. Contrasting colours

If you’re bored of old school notion of matching colours, it’s time to switch to contrasting colour combinations. There is no comparison of the classic black and white pair. Not only the walls, but you can throw in some colours to the chairs as well. Combination of Red and Navy blue is great as well if you love dark colours.


Don’t stick to the basics. Always try out something new without being afraid of the outcome. Mixing different combinations is the key. Experiment with the chairs, tables, curtains, runners and other décor items. Just remember that there is no limit to home décor ideas. Let your imagination flow.