How To Travel Alone

    Why should you be traveling alone?

    It can take a lot of courage to make the decision to go traveling alone but once that decision has been made the world is at the feet of any would be the solo traveler. It can be a liberating experience to navigate new cities or engage in an extreme sport, without having to worry whether you’re traveling buddy is having just as much fun or not! You can do exactly what you want when you want.

    Stay safe by always being cautious

    The majority of destinations are safe and there’ll be not much to worry about. Nevertheless, some safety rules are essential when traveling alone. Look at maps of the localities and get an idea where everything is in relation to your accommodation. Stick to public places and don’t go wandering around dark alleys at night, you wouldn’t do that at home, so use common sense and don’t do it when you’re away. Dressing conservatively to blend in will stop any unwanted attention but you could wear a wedding ring and tell people you’re married, that’s usually enough to fend off any would-be admirers. Most importantly, keep your eyes open for any suspicious behavior and let your instinct tell you if the situation doesn’t feel right if it doesn’t, get out of there.

    Make Friends With The Locals

    Making friends with the locals is a great way, not only for someone to talk to but your newfound friends will be only too happy to help you. Go to cafes or restaurants and start talking with the people who work there. They love it if you speak with them in their own language, so learn a little and don’t be afraid of attempting to speak it, even if you don’t say the words properly you may end up with a friend for life. These places are also popular with other people; many will be solo too, so it’s natural to strike up a conversation with a like-minded traveler.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Go To Places On Your Own

    When you arrive in a new city alone, it can be very intimidating, especially if arriving at night, with neon signs brightly lit up and hundreds of people crowding around, it could be easy to turn around and go back from whence you came. However, if you overcome the temptation to stay in your hotel room for the entire trip the sense of triumph will be more than worth it. Try wandering around during the day, at least until you feel more confident or book yourself on organized tours, a foolproof way to explore new places and meet new people.

    Go For Dinner and Drinks Alone

    Going for dinner and drinks alone is far more popular than it once was, these days it’s normal to see solo travelers at bars and restaurants. Although a place can look very different at night compared to the daytime, don’t let that stop you enjoying yourself once the sun goes down. Get dressed up, have a couple of aperitifs and engage in some people watching. If you don’t fancy sitting in a crowded restaurant, choose one with fewer people and find a table so you can see what’s going on. It’s a fabulous way to spend an evening watching the world go by. Take a book, a laptop or a notebook, order your favorite food and relish in your own company as you sip your drink of choice, you’ll be surprised at how many people are on their own. For many, the thought of dining alone can be a terrifying thought, it’s only natural to feel a little self-conscious because you think everyone is looking, they’re not.

    Learn To Love Your Own Company

    Many people are afraid of being alone, they shirk away in horror at the very thought but once you get used to it you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. When traveling alone, there is no getting away from you, you will find yourself alone at some points during your trip, so why not take it in your stride and learn to love your own company. Take an art class or learn to make jewelry, there are so many options to stop the boredom. Do something different, learn about the local history and go in search of it, take photographs and write about what you see. Learning to be at one with yourself will give you time to assess things, it may allow you to find out more about yourself, unlock a new desire or give you the motivation to travel to a new place.

    Don’t Worry About It

    One of the most important things about traveling alone is not to worry about it, enjoy what your travels throw at you and, as long as you keep safe and healthy, it may be the most empowering thing you’ll do and the ultimate way to learn more about yourself and grow as a person.

    About the Author: This article was written by Gill Morris, savvy travel blogger at , a personal travel blog of Adrian Sameli. To connect with Gill, follow her on Facebook.


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