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How to take care of your garden in spring

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During spring when it’s time for the greens and colors, maintaining a garden can be a difficult job with all the overgrowth of weeds and lots of flowers and leaves falling all around adding to your work.

If you don’t tender your garden, you may end up having a lot of leaves with time. It is therefore advisable to take care of your garden during spring on a regular basis. The following are some helpful tips:

1. Clean and repair your garden

Gardening TipsThis is very important to avoid further problems. If you need to maintain your garden well, you need to clean it regularly by removing leaves, flowers and other trash which could be on the ground. Additionally, you can remove weeds and other unwanted plant materials and learn how to get rid of dandelions to avoid your crops competing for nutrients, sunlight and space. You are also supposed to repair your garden before spring season is over.

Uneven ground is one of the greatest problems with these low spots leading to drainage problems. Therefore, you should regularly level the ground to avoid these and other associated problems.

2. Plant grass

Gardening Tips

Having grass cover in your garden helps in soil and water conservation. Therefore, you should plant grass in bare or brown areas to over the soil. This reduces splash, rill and sheet erosion from occurring because soil particles are held together. However, you should choose a variety that does well in your area.

This is only possible if you do some research before choosing the variety to plant. Therefore, depending with your preferences and the variety which best suits your area, you can make a sound decision.

3. Apply fertilizer to the grass

Gardening Tips

After you’ve planted the grass and it has established, you are supposed to apply fertilizer and herbicide to boost its growth. However, you are supposed to use the right quantities to avoid altering the pH levels or damaging your ecosystem. Herbicides are used to clear weeds while fertilizers are vital in growth of grass.

4. Mow your grass after sometime

Gardening Tips

After fertilizer and herbicide application, your grass will most likely grow at a faster rate. It is advisable to do mowing to maintain grass growth. However, you should be skilled and experienced in mowing to do it yourself because you may end up doing it wrong or removing nutrients stored in the leaf blades. It is advisable to hire an expert if you can’t do it yourself to avoid doing it wrong.

5. Take care of your lawn equipment

Gardening Tips

Maintaining your lawn equipment is also very important because you will need them in future. Hence, your garden care equipment should be cleaned, repaired and stored in the right condition for future use.

To do it right, you should check them one by one to establish if they need any repairs or maintenance. For instance, you can remove gasoline from your mower, drain its oil and replace oil filters or any other part requiring special care. If you maintain your equipment properly, you will save replacement costs in future.

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