What To Ask While Choosing a Child Care Center for your Child

Safety of the kids is the first and foremost thought in every parent’s mind. So, while finding the safest and most suitable child care centre for the kid, they need to ask the right questions, which can help them in deciding the right place. Those with more than one kid to care have already done this in past and are aware of what to ask and how. However, those who are new in this field need to understand every aspect before enrolling their kids. Here are a few questions, which one can ask as a start to know the credibility of the place.

1. Qualification or experience of the childcare centre?


Even if you have done your research, it is something, which you need to ask to the management of the centre. Face to face, the interaction can tell you the reality. Ask them about their experience in this industry. Since how many years they are working and how many kids they have at a time. You need to check that the childcare centre is working for several years, have a license, and has a good reputation in the market regarding the same.

2. What is the current staff-to-child ratio?

Kids can be a handful, as their level of energy is always high and are always in the play mood, as well as they don’t have enough sense about right and wrong and can get hurt if are not under vigilance. Normally, for kids at the age of 2-3 years the ideal ratio is 1:5, in the case of those 4 year olds the ideal one is 1:7 and for our sweet little 5 year old the ideal ration is 1:15. A little bit here and there is good. So, before deciding the child care centre check these ratios.

3. What are the safety precautions?

There is no need to run around the bush, you are here to confirm the safety of your kid. So, bluntly ask the people at the centre about the safety precautions they take and the safety system they use for the kids. A background check of all the staff is necessary to create a safe environment for the kid. Apart from it, the place needs to be hygienic and clean so that the kids do not get any diseases from the childcare centre.


4. How do things work there?

What are the activities they have for the kids to do in their spare time? Some specialists say, “Additionally, look to make sure that the program has activities and learning goals to support all areas of children’s development–are there opportunities for active physical play and movement as well as or more of quiet activities?” Potty training and nap timings and healthy diet plan should also be there.

5. What is the visitation policy?

The centres, which allow open door policy for parents to visit at the hours of operation, are good. Whereas, if they are restricting parents to one or more areas from visiting without any genuine reason then, you should avoid that particular childcare centre. Also, make sure that they don’t allow any stranger to enter the place without asking the parents. Even parents should visit under the supervision. It helps in creating a safe environment for the kids and relax mind for the parents.

6. What is the cost of the services?

When it comes to the wellbeing of the kid, cost doesn’t matter. However, you also need to stay in budget and do not want to be conned. So, it will be better to ask this question out front. Analyze the cost as in, is it worth the activities and services they are providing in regards to your kid. If yes, then choose the one while considering the above questions too.

Hence, you need to ask these questions at childcare Centre.

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