9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Kids

    Don’t you wish your kids are healthy & fit as a fiddle? The busy lifestyles that we pursue today can play havoc with our health, especially our children’s health! It’s hard to find time to be physically active while rushing to and from school and work. You also go in for unhealthy snacks and take-away foods to make things easy. Not to mention spending your free time watching TV or in front of the computer…

    Now stop, take stock and make an intelligent decision to follow a healthy lifestyle. Just stick on to a good life style with good food habits and daily physical activity & see for yourself the huge difference! Your child can be well on the way to a healthy life.  Create good habits that your children can follow throughout their lifetimes. Instilling a healthy lifestyle in your children as part of growing up can help build the framework for an entire lifetime of healthy habits.

    Easy to say, but sometimes not so easy to do!

    Here’re how to lead a healthy lifestyle. These nine simple ways help your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle and get back on track…

    Active child – a healthy child

    Take walks, ride bikes, go swimming, garden or just play hide-and-seek outside with your kids. Parents can be a role model by having a positive attitude to being active.

    For young children and teens regular physical activity is vital for healthy growth, development and well-being. So get in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day for your child. At least 3 days of the week include activities that strengthen muscles and bones. Even vigorous activities can work the magic…

    Water the healthy drink!

    Water can be well said as the elixir of life. It is the best way to quench your thirst and is free of the added sugar found in fruit juices, soft drinks and other sweetened drinks.

    For children over two reduced fat milk can be given as a nutritious drink and is a great source of calcium.

    Instead of giving your kids fruit juices that have a lot of sugar get them into the habit of eating whole fruit.

    Lots of fruits and veggies…

    When we were kids we were told to eat more fruits & vegetables. Now tables have turned. We can now make our kids go for it the big way! Most fruits and vegetables are a healthy choice as they are rich in nutrients and naturally low in calories and fat. Water and fiber in them makes them more filling & eating fruit and vegetables every day helps children grow healthy. It can boost their immunity and certainly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

    Go for two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day.Have fresh fruits as a convenient snack and your kids may just love it!

    Switch off the screen and get active!

    It’s just hard to pull your kids away from the TV, the computer screen, the phones, the video games, the iPods, and all of the other gadgets that are a part of everyday life. Kids tend to become overweight or obese with the sedentary time spent watching TV, surfing online or playing computer games.

    Instill a habit in your children and teens as to spend no more than two hours a day on ‘small screen’ entertainment. Break up long periods of use as often as possible.

    Now you can go ahead to plan & arrange some active indoor and outdoor games or activities for your children, as alternatives to watching TV or playing on the computer.

    Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives.

    It’s snacking time now! Healthy snacks go a long way towards meeting the daily nutritional needs of children and young people. Let them try out snacks based on fruit and vegetables, reduced fat dairy products and whole grains which are the healthiest choices.

    Snacks that are high in sugar or saturated fats like chips, cakes and chocolate are best avoided as they cause kids to put on excess weight.

    Take care of those teeth!

    It is important to brush teeth at least twice a day. Kids’ teeth are bound to decay as the end result of eating foods high in sugar or starches too often during the day. So to keep the smile beautiful you’ll need to keep your teeth healthy. However, the best way to keep a nice smile is to brush teeth twice a day.

    Make your kids slip into this habit and after brushing teeth at bedtime, don’t let them eat any food, or drink anything but water!

    Let them participate

    Make a huge impact on your kids’ well being by helping them create healthy lifestyle habits in the shelter of your own home. Let them keep up the house, and make decisions, help in grocery shopping for healthy lunches & ingredients, send thank-you notes and holiday cards to friends and family. By teaching your children to make the right choices for the family you can help them to take things positively.

    Eat at least one meal a day as a family

    This is one way of making your kids healthy & a great way to interact with them! You can ensure your child is making healthy choices when the family eats together at least one meal a day. Lead by example and use the opportunity to teach your children about food choices and healthy portion sizes. You can transfer healthy choices into your child’s lifelong habits by modeling healthy cooking habits at home.

    Healthy clothes for healthy kids

    An important part of our everyday lives, clothes keep us warm and protects us from the weather. Dress for the season should be the fashion mantra for kids! Cottons for summers and woolens for winter…

    Clothes can get stained, dirty and generally grubby, so you need to change them often especially the underclothes. If kids wear a school uniform then make them take it off as soon as you get home and hang it up to air before wearing it next day.

    Shopping for kids’ clothes can be a worry for parents.  In fact there’s much to consider beyond how they look—from fabric to dyes. Loose fitting comfortable clothes can keep your kids stay healthy.

    Make your child’s environment as positive as you can & your child’s outlook will tend to remain positive throughout life. When your kids are exposed to a positive environment with positive role models, healthy food options, physical activities and stimulating mental challenges it helps them become more positive individuals, & this goes a long way towards making choices that perpetuate a healthy outlook and a healthy lifestyle!

    Melvin Mathews
    Melvin Mathews
    Melvin Mathews is the Chief Promoter and Marketing Head for an online clothing store for kids based at Kerala, India. We provide a wide range of party wear dresses and accessories for baby girls at affordable rates. We take pride in our excellent after sales service and timely delivery.

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