Easy, Chic Travel Dressing Tips

The holidays are here, and that means that many of us will be trekking across the country to visit our loved ones. It’s a wonderful time that many of us look forward to all year round. But before the reunion, the hugs and smiles and holiday celebrations, there’s the airport.

One of the more difficult decisions you make while packing for travel is what you should wear to the airport. After all, there’s a lot that happens between checking in and boarding your plane. You’ll be rushing through crowds of people, taking off your shoes, possibly even enduring an uncomfortable pat down! Traveling makes most people want to curl up in their comfiest sweatpants – when you’re going through all that, sophistication ceases to be a top priority.

However, it is possible to get all the comforts of your PJs while looking as classy as a Vogue model. Simply stick to a few fashion tips and soon you’ll be ready to jet set in style.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoesRemoving your shoes at the airport is an unavoidable part of the process. Make this easy on yourself by wearing shoes you can slip on and off with ease. It also doesn’t hurt for the shoes to have some stretch in them – your feet tend to swell during flight, so a little extra room will keep you from discomfort at 30 thousand feet.

No Restrictions

In a perfect world, we never miss our flights, nor do we wind up sprinting to our gate during the final boarding call. Sadly, however, this is not a perfect world, so be prepared in clothing that leaves you free to move. Maxi dresses, cashmere ponchos, and culottes are great choices when you want to look chic but still take off running when the occasion calls for it.

Bring on the Layers

The airport is often pretty cold, and the plane itself could vary depending on your flight. What’s more, you never can tell what the weather will be like at your final destination. Save yourself the trouble of sweating or shivering and heed the advice of The Fashion Spot: dress in layers, and lots of them.

Compression Clothes

Compression ClothesAs I mentioned earlier, your feet tend to swell while you are in the air. However, your feet aren’t the only appendages that feel the pressure as you fly; your legs can sometimes experience swelling, too, which can be uncomfortable – especially on long flights. Refinery29 suggests wearing compression leggings or even your average yoga pants can help combat the swelling so you feel better upon reaching your destination.

Pack the Accessories

Finally, this fashion tip is our one and only explicit “don’t.” Don’t wear jewelry to the airport! Necklaces and bracelets become more trouble than they’re worth as you make your way to the gate. You’ll set off the metal detector going through security. You’ll hold up the line as you collect all your accessories. Once you’re on the plane, the potential clinking of your bracelets will likely drive the others in your row insane. If you do plan to wear jewelry on your trip, simply pack it ahead of time. There will be plenty of time to be glam when you land.

Easy, Chic Travel Dressing Tips 3
Amy Trotter
Amy Trotter is a freelance writer and creative writing teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been writing for over 17 years, but she’s been a fashion fanatic since birth! When she isn’t working at her home or in her classroom, she’s busy trying out new looks with her three daughters.

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